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Valentine's Day falls on a Thursday this year and many are getting ready with dinner reservations, gifts and ideas for their loved ones.   Many restaurants in your area are offering pre fixe dinners for two and people are looking for them!  Why not help a lovebird out and write up a review or hel...
It's that time of year folks, many of you are headed to a real estate conference near (or far from) you!       Are you attending your brand's conference?  Traveling far or is it conveniently a road trip away?  If you're lucky enough to attend a conference you're sure to get inspired, make connect...
We're in our first week of the 30 in 30 Challenge and we want to make sure you don't experience any roadblocks. Should you need a little inspiration about a topic or if you're simply curious as to some new ideas we've got you covered.  Never should you scratch your head and wonder what you should...
As a trusted source in your neighborhood, take a moment to inform your readers about the importance of being prepared in a hurricane situation.  Let them know what to do should they get in trouble.  Emergency routes, hospitals and everything in between.   Schools are closed, people are already ev...
It's that time again, Halloween is just around the corner and a few spooky queries are trending right now. They're looking for pumpkin patches, haunted houses and costume ideas around your city!  It's very important that you all make these posts your own by adding your city or neighborhood to you...
Such a great idea from Marie. If you are looking for some inspiration on what to do for your next blog post, this would be a great idea to attract local eyeballs! Let people in your town know where they can go to register to vote in anytown USA! An individual's right to vote is held very dearly b...
How does someone go about challenging their property tax assessment? How do they find out what the millage rates are for the area they are thinking about buying? You tell me. In fact, while you're at it, take a chance to tell anyone and everyone that may be searching for that kind of information ...
Eventually you are going to run out of ideas for what to write about in your blog. It may only be for a few days or a week, but at some point it's going to happen. Sure, eventually if you leave your blog abandoned for long enough, you'll come up some more ideas. So maybe, in the meantime, you sho...
You may have written on this subject before and even if so it's a good idea to keep it fresh.  Are there new 2012 laws in your area with regards to Short Sales?  Have you began to really narrow the geographical location of your short sale posts?  Get in front of your targeted audience by doing so...
Whether folks are bundling up the kids and braving the chill or packing snacks for the drive, they're coming from all around looking for the best light show in town.  When searching in my own city, I am constantly finding the information on city sites and newspapers....not individuals.  It would ...

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