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I founded to better serve southwest Florida's real estate consumers. The goal of this website is to help provide those in need of professional real estate services an easy to use resource that helps them achieve their goals. We wanted to provide the necessary tools like Google Map Search, Free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), Local Resource/Links and Property Management services all backed by a professional team of real estate specialists who have excellent local knowledge. We encourage you to use our free online services and ask that you give us the opportunity to serve you in your next real estate transaction!" - Nicholas Paulus
You have a mortgage and it went from a fixed rate to a variable rate or you have had a variable rate all along and you can't get the lender to give you a fixed rate mortgage.  This seems to be a big problem for borrowers in good standing who want the stability of knowing what their payments are g...
I was asked recently why I sell residential real estate if I am also a commercial real estate agent and that I should stick with one or the other! At the time I just listened and took the comment in just knowing that I would have a juice topic to blog about here on activerain. "Should buyers or s...
01/23/2010 In the last month I have noticed the lack of medical office space available in Fort Myers, FL.   I have several clients looking for medical space and can't find enough quality locations.  Sure there is plenty of office space available but much of it is not zoned medical and th...
I don't know why I am writing about this topic except to say how much it impacted me the other day!  I was at a showing and went to shake an agents hands when I noticed his gnarly dry hands with dirty split cuticles.  I have to say I don't even remember any of the homes details and was just glad ...
Fort Myers, FL   Get the 10 day forecast   Severe Weather  Airport Delays  Sporting Events  Pollen Reports 80 °FMostly Cloudy Feels Like: 82°FHumidity: 57%Wind: S at 15 mph Will it snow on Christmas?
I am looking for a 2500 to 3500sqft Medical/Dental office with frontage on major road in Fort Myers.  The client is ready to buy and has excellent finances.  If you have or know of a property for sale that might be a good fit please let me know ASAP!  Clients are ready to buy!
    I Have provided an example of a CMA that can be used by property owners to fill out and submit to their real estate agent.  This form is important when trying to find out what your property is worth before you put it on the market.  It is not an official or certified appraisal but rather a pr...
It is amazing that even in this tough economic environment I still run into agents that just do not get this business!  The lack of response from the listing agents or the cumbersome process set up by some agents that you have to go through in order to get in to see their listing is a complete di...

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This Blog was created to help bring together real estate investors in both residential and commerical real estate in southwest Florida to discuss local market issues, real estate concerns, answer questions, help educate and to learn from one another.