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Look at current and future job growth as key factors when evaluating a market for multifamily purchases.  To research opportunities I have traveled to  Reno, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Seattle,  and Los Vegas.  Without exception job creation/population growth seemed to be the common fundamentals that ...
  Simply expressed, LTV is the loan amount divided by the property's value, expressed as a percent.  The value used will be the lower of the sale amount and the appraisal.  Banking theory goes that the lower the LTV the more the investor goes from involved to committed.  Yogi Berra might explain ...
Before a Lynch mob is dispatched...let me clarify: I'm still a huge proponent of real estate investing!  It's just that residential investments rarely cash have to wait to make your money at sale from appreciation.  And you can't afford to have someone else manage the units for you in ...
Doug Foley, is more than my friend and mentor. He's a CCIM designee, a commercial broker with several decades of experience buying/selling investment properties for himself and others. He's a founding member of the Northwest Real Estate Inverstors Association, and a Past President and current Boa...
SERVICE! SERVICE SERVICE!    Outback is a perfect example of a business that is a huge success because of its focus on value and customers.  From top to bottom Outback does a better job of listening to their customers and providing a great meal at competitive prices.   They were one of the first ...
There are over three dozen metrics for commercial properties that we use to evaluate assets as potential acquisitions, and to gauge their operational performance. Some are relatively intuitive: Rent/Sq. Ft., Cost per Door, Expense Ratio, Gross Income, etc. Commercial investors eschew using GRM (...

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