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It's great to see the market trending upward again...well, at least for now.  Though I am not prescient, I am I pulled all of my 401-k funds out days before the plunge.  A few months later and I would have seen over a third...and possibly half of my savings gone.  Many of my dear frien...
Hats off to Marcus & Millichap...who are both my friends and competitors!    Linwood C Thompson, Hessam Nadji and William Hughes (all M&M segment Directors) laid out their long term vision of US economic, capital, and apartment markets yesterday.  It was highly informative...and the take-away for...
Even though Apartment Managers have plenty on their plates, adding environmental awareness is good business. Kim Duty, Vice President of Communications for Multifamily Housing Report has a green tip for us: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has launched a multifamily version of its ENERGY ...
I need your help.  I've to talked to property owners, brokers, title companies...but nobody seems to know of any properties for sale that fully meet the needs of one of my clients.  He has no 1031 or 1033 Exchange deadlines to worry about...but he does have cash sufficient to purchase 60 to 80 qu...
At their best real estate brokers are true professionals.  50 to 80 hour weeks, always looking for additional  training, and a new way to provide clients better service.  Their quest for excellence often takes them away from their families more than it should...but nobody ever became the best in ...
The two times when profitablity managing a property is important are when you want to keep, it and when you want to sell it.  Property managers need training to perform at their best.  This opportunity for FREE training should not be missed.  Grace Hill Property Management Training does a great j...
One of the metrics to look at when picking an area for a long term investment is the affordability index.  And by that I don't mean looking soley at how much the median income is in an area...I mean: Average Rent/Median Household Income = Affordability Index.  (What portion of your pay goes to r...
  This isn't even my listing...but I'm making good on my commitment to find great deals for my investors.  This NE duplex is a great value:  for under $165k you get two residences for less than the normal price for one. My faithful readers know that I eschew residential multifamily in favor of co...

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