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It’s the perpetual ebb and flow. Sometimes the popularity of investment properties in Avon begins to rise, sending them toward the head of the pack against rival investment ideas. A local investment property’s basic allure has always been its unique attribute as the most “real” of real goods (inv...
For many decades, Hollywood has made box office gold creating comic films about the hilarious possibilities that nightmarish house remodels present: from Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House to The Money Pit (and even Under the Tuscan Sun), audiences delight in the shifty tradesmen and rotting ti...
Sports divers know something that’s relevant to a first time home buyer’s decision about whether to enlist the services of a Fishers real estate agent.  A ‘free diver’ (one without SCUBA gear) who descends into dark, unknown waters usually finds it’s possible to dive much deeper the second time d...
The previous decade’s burst of the real estate bubble, with its plummeting Carmel house prices and accompanying economic dislocations, made a lasting impression. For most homeowners the damage was strictly psychological: the majority weren’t even tempted to sell while area house prices were dropp...
Regardless of whether you believe in “hauntings” or not, a frightening past can affect how potential buyers react to a home for sale in Indianapolis. Depending on timing, an agent may or may not be obligated to explain that a death or other dramatic event took place in the house—or that the curre...
You’re about to close a deal to become a tenant in Brownsburg. The landlord seems like a straight shooter and the place is a joy: immaculate and welcoming. Now all that’s left is to wait for the landlord’s okay after an evaluation of you as the new Brownsburg tenant, right?  Well, not quite. Just...
Selling a Fishers home quickly and for a good price means attracting the broadest range of qualified home buyers. That can depend on identifying as many appeal points as possible, then showing them off through an energetic marketing program. One increasingly prominent marketing point is one that ...
Almost every Carmel neighborhood has one or two houses that go all out at Halloween. Their owners suspend sheet ghosts up in the trees, plant cardboard tombstones on the lawn, broadcast loud spooky sounds out into the street—then prepare a surprise or two to jump out at any mini-goblin who’s brav...
Despite what just feels like the right answer, buying a home in Indianapolis can be significantly cheaper than renting one. It’s one of those rare cases where, if you stop and make common sense judgments about the factors at play, the ‘just feels like’ conclusion is the opposite of the one common...
      For More Information:   Two story beauty is ready for you to move in! Unwind by golfing at your community golf course! Foyer welcomes you in to spacious floor plan! Enjoy fall nights nestled around your...

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