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You have heard it before...I am no "shrinking violet"...I say what I mean, mean what I say, and do what I say I am going to do.  The indecision on the part of the Florida Legislature regarding Property Tax Reform is par for the course.  No one wants to go out on a limb and figure out a REAL way t...
Money Magazine has named Tampa (#7 in the U.S.) one of the hottest job markets!  With an expected 2 year job growth of over 5% and a Real Estate Market already on the rebound, Tampa's economy is on the upswing!Tampa is a great city to live in!  We all love to brag about where we live, but Tampa t...
Real Estate can wreak havoc on your life....if you allow it.  I admit it, I am rarely "stressed out".  In an industry that is known for long and unpredictable hours, I have managed to keep the "craziness" to a minimum.  I have been selling real estate for 13 years. When I got divorced, the childr...
This week's winner is Neal Shupbach.  Neal asked me questions every day during my International Specialist training adventure and is surely deserving of a lovely lunch with Ms. Sizzle!Don't forget...the best question or comment each week wins a prize.  It's usually lunch with Ms. Sizzle and I wou...
The Florida Legislative Session on Tax Reform is winding to a close.  If you are a Real Estate Agent in Florida, please contact your State Representative via the link here,  and urge him/her to  vote for Tax Reform! 
I  will take Ardell's suggestion and write about my frustration with Project Blogger.  I have to believe I am not the only apprentice who feels "out of the loop", or that there really isn't a loop. I am really enjoying the participation in the Project Blogger, but I think we need someone to take ...
Encroachments can sneak up on you right before closing.  Or worse, at the closing table.  It could be a fence that is slightly over the neighbor's property line. It could be a driveway that was incorrectly poured over the property line.  Any time human error is involved in construction, there is ...
I have successfully completed my Certified International Property Specialist classes in Europe and am heading back to the U.S. tomorrow. Today, I am enjoy a little of the "local flavor" in the rest of the story and see the video at...Real Estate Sizzle
Living in a large city in Europe, like Vienna, or Prague, can mean life without a car.  European cities are pedestrian-friendly, bicycle-friendly and have well-designed inner-city transportation.  Subways, Trams and buses can transport you across the city in a matter of minutes.  Often, trying to...
I am off for another day of exploring the City of Prague and admiring the incredible variety of architectural styles and intricate designs dating back to medieval times.  The old town is still intact after centuries of wars, but Prague saw little of the bombing raids that were so prevalent during...


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