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Advantages of Chapter 13 Chapter 13 offers individuals a number of advantages over liquidation under chapter 7. Perhaps most significantly, chapter 13 offers individuals an opportunity to save their homes from foreclosure. By filing under this chapter, individuals can stop foreclosure proceedings...
Right now, I cannot pay my debts. Besides bankruptcy, do I have any options? Yes, there are alternatives that you may use to take care of debts that you cannot pay. Creditors might be willing to settle their claim for a smaller cash payment, or they might be willing to stretch out the loan and re...
    Jackson Law, LTD      "  Dedicated to providing clients with attentive                      representation, sound legal counsel,                                                            and aggressive advocacy."  Newsletter-March 2009   Jackson Law, Ltd.                                   I ...
  Jackson Law, LTD                             " Dedicated to providing clients with attentive                                                     representation, sound legal                               counsel, and aggressive                                                                     ...
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Are you a non-resident landlord in Rhode Island? You must file with the RI Secretary of State! § 34-18-22.3  Nonresident landlord to designate agent for service of process. - A landlord who is not a resident of this state shall designate and continuously maintain an agent upon whom service may be...
Banks are eager to negotiate with those who are experiencing difficulty in this economy. Now is the time to start the process. Legal representation is vital to help homeowners on the road to recovery.
Sign of the times..   National economic experts have only recently acknowledged a simple truth that Rhode Islanders have known for many months....we are in a recession!  Statewide, our unemployment rate has climbed above 9% and the challenges facing our local economy are deep and broad.  Accordin...
BENEFIT RAISES FUNDS FOR FUEL ASSISTANCE   Jackson Law, Ltd. hosts a gathering of realtors and mortgage lenders at Sardella's Restaurant in Newport, RI to help raise money for the Community Housing Resource Board, providing housing aid and fuel assistance to those in need.   Newport, Rhode Island...
  A number of factors have come together during the course of the last year which have resulted in a "perfect storm" in the real estate market.  The sub-prime mortgage crises has produced a large population of homeowners who borrowed against their properties when the market was hot, values were h...

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