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Someone decided they wanted to add on a master bedroom and bathroom to the side of their house. Lets just put it where the driveway is and extend the roof over the new part. What could be simpler? No need to dig a full footing for a new foundation. After all, if the driveway is strong enough to p...
Found this on today's inspection. An older house that had 2 prong outlets in most of the house, with several new 3 prong's installed. Someone used a jumper wire to go between the neutral and the ground lug on the outlet. This creates a potentially dangerous condition. It could have been done out ...
Some people like water features. I have a small pond. I have a spitting frog and a little waterfall. I like the sound of running water in my back yard. Some people just have a fountain pump that acts like a decorative sprinkler and bubbles water in a little pool (or a big pool). The house today h...
I was inspecting a 64 year old flip house today. Got to the basement stairs and looked down and got a little nervous. First of all, there wasn't a handrail. Second, the stairs were pretty steep, and thirdly, I could not see the bottom step. The last step looked like it ended a few feet above the ...
I have a habit of checking all of the bolts and nuts on the hinges of the pull down ladders before I go up. I can not say just how many have loose nuts, or missing nuts, or even missing bolts. IN my tool pouch, I cary 3 or 4 1/4-20 nuts just for this reason. I probably buy a couple hundred of the...
I inspected a house today that must have had a few stories to tell (if it could talk). Lots of holes in walls and doors. A lot of broken glass in the back patio (broken bottles and dishes). But going into the kitchen stopped me in my tracks. The top of the cooktop was smashed to pieces. Now I hav...
I kept seeing these things at trade shows. I would even give it a try on the convention hall floor. Fun, yeah, Kind of pricy, yeah, maybe next time. For last last few years I have seen them and thought they were too much money, and no matter what they said, it wasn't going to work for me. So last...
Last week something happened during an inspection that had never happened to me before. At first I thought it was a slight brain fade moment. A few seconds later, it was more of "wait a sec" moment. Then it turned into a full 'OH CRAP" moment. During the course of inspecting a house, I flush the ...
Got a call this afternoon. A woman told me she was given my name by a good friend, AND her Realtor to do a home inspection. I asked a few questions and gave her a price of $350. There was a long pause. She then told me her Realtor told her it would be about $150. I told her that she must be mista...
I was doing an inspection on a large house yesterday. My clients had told me the listing agent had tried to tell them the house had just been inspected for the seller and they didn't need one. A builder they had met gave them my name as a "good inspector".  When I got to the house, I was told tha...

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