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One more time I was forwarded a e-mail from a Realtor that has used my services for many years. She sent me a flyer that was sent to her from a new home inspector. It's one of those flyers that is going around and they all look alike, so they must be coming from the same place. You know the one.....
My pond needs regular maintenance. I have to scoop out leaves and things that may fall in to keep sludge from building up. I have to watch algae levels and add chemicals once in a while. I have to clean the filter on my waterfall pump. I also have to break up ice during the rare times it really b...
Howard Tennyson recently had a blog about having someone run water while the inspector is in the crawlspace. It was a good idea, but not always possible, and fraught with potential problems such as the person not watching the water level and running things over. For a time I was team inspecting w...
I'm a Mac guy, have been since the 512K single disk Mac. I have to use Windows for my inspection software, so I have a Dell. IN our house we have 3 Mac's, and 3 Dell laptops, all running on a wireless network with an Apple Airport Extreme Router. The router is great. I can wirelessly print from m...
Almost from day one doing home inspections, I have always told my clients to ask all the questions they want, and I always throw in, "And there's no such thing as a stupid question". Then I add, "Actually, I have heard a stupid question". Today I was doing an inspection for a first time home buye...
I know I have brought this up before. Some people responded with comments like "Well we all did it when we started", etc. But do these guys not think that someone will compare what they are saying on a blog and then on their web site? I was looking at a blog here a few minutes ago. On the blog, t...
Breakfast for New Year's day was a perfect time for a change. I haven't made a Dutch baby pancake for ever. They are so easy, really tasty and fun to make. Preheat oven to 425 degrees Mix 1/2 cup milk 2 large eggs 1/4 tsp salt in a bowl Wisk in 1/2 cup of flour. I have used a blender before and w...
We were going to a New Years Eve party at a friends house last night. Small get together with a few neighbors. Two hours before the party, our host called an asked us if we could bring a dip and chips, she forgot to get something at the store. No problem. I throw together my old standby football ...
Inspecting new homes is always interesting. First we have to overcome the objections of the builders that insist they build a "perfect house". Then there are the folks that tell the buyer's they are wasting their money, because....1. The builder is a really nice guy, 2. It's going to be inspected...
This morning I was trying to figure out what to have for breakfast and just couldn't come up with any solid ideas. There were several baggies with leftovers in them, so I decided to make something. Here's what I found... a 1/3 of an onion Left over baked potato I was going to make potato skins ou...

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