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It is really sad that in the post-bubble economy, the big banks and the Fed are making huge profits manipulating the economic system, and pulling money from our taxes.  All the while they are tossing homeowners over the side, while our elected officials watch from the railings.Have We Saved The B...
I hear some strange questions, but when I see one like "is it legal for short sale seller to buy the home they are selling" you really have to shake my head. The answer is, that it does not matter if it is legal for a seller to purchase their own home. Banks will not approve a short sale like th...
If you are heading north through Lynnwood, WA overnight you are going to probably hit some traffic as the DOT is going to have three of the four lanes closed as they burrow under the highway to install the new 'Variable Message Signs'.  Crews will close up to three left lanes of northbound I-5 ju...
Luckily I do not have to deal with this anymore, but this is interesting information for any of you still living in places where you get real winters. Quite honestly I had never thought of putting deicer in pantyhose, but apparently someone thought it would work better. Ever since I was a teenage...
I do a lot of writing for real estate articles, blog posts, Twitter updates and so on as a real estate broker. During this time I have come up with a handful of my favorite saying that have to do with real estate and buying or selling homes. Hopefully you find a few of these insightful or funny. ...
Excellent post from Todd that I have to pass along.  I can't say that I can recall firing any sellers after I have listed a property, but I have definitely declined to take a few of them over the years.   Many times the seller is the one that wants to cancel a listing with an agent in Beaverton a...
Stop bringing me phone books! Has anyone ever considered why we are still getting phone books delivered any more?  It was a couple weeks back when someone came by my home in Lynnwood and dropped off yet another bagged up paper door stop.  Or telephone directory if you want to call it by its prope...
$145,000 and In Need of Love! 3 Bedroom 1.5 Baths and Close to Home Depot! Beat the bank and take advantage of this fixer opportunity. Potential abounds for both investors or owner occupants looking to add some sweat equity. The floor plan offers options with completing the master bedroom upstair...
Too Many Homeowners Are Not Getting the Foreclosure Help They Need! I get calls pretty regularly from homeowners that are behind on their payments, getting notices of foreclosure from the bank and are just desperate to find some way out of the mess they are in.  Some want to keep their homes, som...
Do you really know what you should be asking about that home? You are out driving around and see a home that looks great, so you stop to take a flyer out of the box and give the listing agent a call. STOP!! First of all, let me just remind you that listing agent works for the seller. Before you a...

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