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I just got done reading about how Nanostring Technologies has finally brought a product to market and gotten their first sale. Companies like this that continue to innovate and create new products are part of what keeps our region strong when others are faltering. Fell is starting to think about ...
With lender after lender closing their doors and loan programs being shut down one after another the options for fiancing a home are looking bleak.  Loan programs that once allowed people with little savings to purchase a home have been virtually eliminated, which has put many of my clients in Sn...
PCC the nation's largest consumer owned natural foods cooperative is coming to Edmonds, and aside from a little oopsy over cutting three trees down to make way for a water cistern without a permit, things are on track for the store to open this fall in the Westgate neighborhood.  They are taking ...
Ash Way Pet Supply in Lynnwood 16108 Ash Way #104 in Lynnwood. In Newberry Squareit is right across from the Park & Ride at I-5 and 164th St. http://www.Ashwaypetsupply.com/(425) 741-AWPS(2977) Have you been looking for a great place to find food, supplements and toys for your dog or cat in the ...
The Leasing Scam Just this week I was contacted by a renter who only after living at her new home for approximately 3 weeks came home to find a foreclosure notice on the door. Completely taken aback, she and her husband contacted the gentlemen (and I use that title loosely) whom they signed the l...
Starting July 9th, Music in the Plaza returns to the Everett Snohomish County Campus. These lunch time concerts are free and open to the public every Wednesday from 11:30 to 1:30 at the amphitheater at Rockefeller Avenue and Wall Street. The series kicks off with Ed Hartman and the Olympic Marimb...
Are you facing Foreclosure? Is a Short Sale really the only answer? The answer is....no. The biggest mistake people make when faced with the issue of not being able to make their house payment is hiding from their lender. In actuality, lenders want to work things out with you, but if you try and ...
One item that many home buyers overlook when purchasing an older home is the fact that it most likely has asbestos in it in one for or another. Up until the 1970's many products were manufactured with asbestos. A list of common items homeowners may run into includes: STEAM PIPES, BOILERS, and FUR...
How are home loan rates determined? A common question I have heard from my clients over the last few months is if a drop in the Fed rate will lower the home loan interest rates. The short answer is no. In my experience, home loan rates actually tend to fall prior to a Fed rate cut and rise after ...
Nationwide the housing market is in the toilet. That is just a fact of life, but in the Lynnwood and Everett area and really most of the greater Seattle region. Things are still moving along. Granted they aren't moving at the frantic pace of two years ago, but there are still buyers out there loo...

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