“Were You Dumb When Stating Your Income”

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Loan modifications need to be conducted by lawyers so that the attorney privilege covers the transaction and banks and other regulators cannot pursue the borrower for fraud claims.
Real estate investing is exciting because we get the opportunity to use wealth pillars like leverage which allows ordinary people the ability to considerable wealth in a short time; I know because I’ve seen it happen. Another exciting aspect is there are always opportunities to make strong return...
  If you have an IRA and you’re concerned about how to pass it on to your loved ones, an approach of naming a trust as the designated beneficiary has several benefits over directly naming the beneficiaries. The issues that can affect the named beneficiary to name a few are they could be a minor, ...
These days just about every mortgage is flipped by a lender to another one or sliced up into pools of securitized packages that are sold on Wall Street. The financial engineering helped oil the housing boom by making credit more available. But stalled housing prices and rising defaults have revea...
There is a lot of confusion out there about loan modification and who is going to do the best job…it isn’t a shop but a law firm where you enter into a specific attorney client relationship not a shop that claims to have attorneys they work with. Some prosecutors are now pursuing borrowers as you...
loan-mod-testimony The craze right now for former loan brokers is to become a loan modification specialist. However, in states like California is it illegal for anyone except attorneys to take a fee before they provide the assistance. The rationale is because attorney’s are held to the highest st...

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Prosecutors and pursuing home owners for participation in the fraud of stated income loans so you need protection when modifying a loan or doing a short sale.