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Emily Winifred Dickson was born in Tyone, Ireland back in 1866 to Thomas and Elizabeth. Her mother was sick for most of her childhood so she nursed her for over a year after school. She was educated at the Mrs. Byers’ Ladies Collegiate school in Belfast. At the time women were not allowed to atte...
John Dickinson was born in Woolwich, or London England (the exact location is unknown) back in 1782 to Thomas and Frances. When he as 15 he started a seven-year apprenticeship with Messrs (that is the correct spelling) Harrison in London. In 1804, he began to trade in stationery. In 1809, he rece...
Harry Diamond was born in Minsk, Russia back in 1900. In 1908, his family moved to the United States growing up in Quincy, Massachusetts. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1922 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He completed his master’s degree in 1925.He joined...
Earle Dickson was born in Grandview, Tennessee back in 1892. Talk about a short one, this is it. He was a cotton buyer for Johnson & Johnson. One day his wife cut herself, so he took some gauze on the cut and wrapped it with portions of her petticoat.To cut to the chase he put some gauze on a rol...
Walter Henry Deubener was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota back in 1885/87, the records I found indicate either date. In any respect, I could not find who his parents were, where he attended school, if he graduated or much of anything about him until the early 1900’s. By then he was married to Lydia...
Ted DeVita was born in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland back in 1962. His father Vincent was a doctor who diagnosed his son’s illness in 1972. He was admitted to the National Institutes of Hearth Clinical Center. At the time scientists and physicians tried all known treatments for his condition.Due to h...
Edouard-Gaston Deville was born in La Charite, France back in 1849. He attended the naval school, served in the French navy, conducting hydrographic surveys in the South Sea Islands and Peru. He moved to Canada in 1874. He started working as a surveyor and astronomer in Quebec, Canada in 1875 adv...
Lorna Vivian Morcombe was born in Goderich, Ontario back in 1931 to Vivian and Nora. When she was 14 the family moved to Ottawa. It was there where her love for flying took off. She obtained her private pilot license when she was 16. In 1952 while studying at Ottawa’s Carleton University she rece...
Jeanne-Paule Marie Deckers was born in Laeken, Belgium back in 1933. Educated at a Catholic school in Brussels. She decided at an early age to join the all-girl Guides Catholiques de Belgique. At 15 she became an avid Girl Guide when he bought her first guitar to play at evening events. She conti...
Hugh Robertson DeHaven was born in Brooklyn, New York back in 1895. He graduated from The Hill School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. After graduation, he attended Cornell University and Columbia University. When WWI started he tried to join the US Army Air Corps but was rejected. He moved to Canada ...

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