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STL short sale expert specializes in short sales in Saint Louis.  Because we do this, we 'get' to deal with Bank of America quite a bit.  The bank was in the news for good and bad news last week.  For those of you that don't know, Bank of America is the largest lender for single family homes in t...
There is a great article on the topic: I'm upside down on my mortgage, should I do a short sale? This article is designed to let people know that they still have options if they are upside down on their mortgage and live in Saint Louis.  A great website exists for people that need short sale help...
Lately I have been talking to many Saint Louis real estate professionals and lenders.  I respect these people and their opinions, and the general consensus is that we have entered into a stable market.  Many are also hopeful for the future.  I am as well. I tend to agree with them on the future a...
A great HAMP and short sales was just written by Ryan Wessels.  HAMP is the abbreviation that stands for Home Affordable Modification Program. The home affordable modification program is a government run program that was supposed to help people facing foreclosure stay in there house. The reality ...
5th sell my house fast tip: contact STL Real Estate! sell your house fast saint louis homeowners STL Real Estate's last sell my house fast tip talked about how the days of simply throwing out a for sale by owner sign in your yard, and sitting back waiting for the buyers to come to you are gone.  ...
STL Real Estate's 4th tip: know where your buyers start their search.  This tip is very closely related to our first sell my house fast in St. Louis tip.   sell my house fast tip 4   So the first step is to figure out who your target buyer is (explained in more depth in the first sell my house fa...
There is a great article on the topic: How do I sell my house if I owe more on it than what its worth in Saint Louis, Missouri? The point of the article is to let people know that they still have options if they owe more on their house than what its worth.  Click on this link for a great website ...
This is the second tip for Saint Louis Homeowners on how to "sell my house fast." The first tip discussed the importance of figuring out who your buyer is going to be. Click here for the first sell my house fast tip. The second tip to sell my house fast: 2. Look at your property logically, and an...

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