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As rates have oscillated up and down with extremes this year, the lower rates have actually been bad for the mortgage industry as a whole. How could lower rates be bad?First, it allows all of the unscrupulous originators to stay in the business. When rates were heading higher, many of these indiv...
It is amazing to hear consumers and real estate professionals talking about how the reduction of the capital requirements for Fannie Mae (FNM) and Freddie Mac (FRM) would improve the mortgage market. It definitely allows FNM and FRM to implement the initiative of the economic stimulus package for...
Most consumers ask this question relative to home prices. Potential homebuyers should really be looking at their ability to get a mortgage. Here is a list of 4 good reasons your client should buy right now:Availability of second mortgages in excess of 80% CLTV is on life suppport. Increase in cre...
As everyone is aware, it is officially tax season. Every year many Americans go through the anxiety of retrieving all of the necessary paperwork to have their accountants prepare their tax returns. Every year there are new laws being added and old laws being modified to keep individuals and busin...
I have become a firm believer that there is no such thing as luck in business. Many have told me that luck is the convergence of preparation and opportunity. I never fully understood that until recently. I was being introduced to a new potential referral partner and was 100% prepared to tell them...
I have received a number of inquiries regarding the application of the recently passed stimulus package...specifically, when will we see the tax rebates. I want to clarify in plain English.REBATES WILL BE BASED ON THE SATISFACTORY FILING OF 2007 TAX RETURNS. If you thought good old Uncle Sam was ...
Do you know if your identity is safe? As more people connect via the world wide web, whether it be for personal or professional, cyber crimes and identity theft are growing geometrically. In 2007, for instance, major personal data loss was reported by 98 companies, 85 schools, 80 government agenc...
Awaiting the signature of President Bush, the fiscal stimulus package may accelerate those to file sooner than later. The heart of the stimulus package are rebate checks. However, the only way to get one is to actually have your returns filed and processed by the IRS.Sounds easy enough. Tax filer...
With all that has transpired in the past year domestically and internationally, Americans as a whole are more inclined to act based on emotional affiliation than on the facts. Now there is a way to get a quick snapshot of where the candidates stand on topics such as education, jobs, health care, ...
The credit score is always a topic of great debate with consumers. It is fascinating that a vast majority of consumers honestly believe that they only have one credit score that is utilized to evaluate ALL their credit needs. The most commonly referenced score is FICO. This is not true. Here are ...

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