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We're all on this site for different reasons. Some users are more active than others. Some just want the points and others actually value the information and participation. Aside from Blogging ... there is a wonderful tool that ActiveRain encourages using called "Q&A." If you haven't used it, you...
WOW ... well, this could be a long list.I'll go ahead and give you the end message first. Just because you can get away with something, doesn't mean that you should. Every single day, I am amazed at what some agents in this business try to get away with. Have you ever sat back and thought about t...
The pen in your hand is easily more expensive than the finest Montblanc. Really!?  You see, the pen is not where the value comes from. The ink that comes out of it, on the other hand, now that’s expensive stuff. I know, I know … the “refills are cheap.” BUT, what are you writing? Are you marking ...
Every weekend, I make sure I have some activity for real estate happening. Makes sense, right? If you are not sitting an open house, then maybe work a buyer. Don’t have either of those options available? Then maybe you can prospect or hell … get out in the field and preview new listings … learn t...
Are your Buyers actually ready to purchase?That’s the question I was asked!Real estate has its challenges. Buyers get cold feet, Sellers may be stubborn when we don’t want them to be … or may another agent just doesn’t know what they are doing. But, do you really think that I want to waste my tim...
It never ceases to amaze me during every escrow to realize how many people are truly involved in each and every real estate transaction. With so many people “working” a deal, it can be tough to keep faith that everyone will remain on the same communication wavelength. However, there are two peopl...
In a business polluted with sales “professionals” it’s so important that we create efficiencies in our day wherever possible. BUT, can you be too efficient? I would argue … YES! Nina Hollander wrote a wonderful blog about the Carolina MLS warning folks about calling on expired listings, making su...
Hey SELLERS!!!! If you are hiring an agent, listen to them. If you don't think their advice is worth taking, hire a different one ... we get paid to be an asset to your home sale experience.On that note, most know the common stuff "declutter, hide photos, tidy up, etc" in preparation for selling ...
Happy New Year!!! Hopefully, 2016 is already off to a wonderful start for you.Ya know, I learn new things every day and sometimes the best lesson learned is the one we have been taught but are reminded of regularly.NOT EVERYONE PRACTICES REAL ESTATE! I make a point to explain the role of the “mai...

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