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 Finding an Accessible Home: Tips to Make the Search and Moving Process EasierBy: Guest Blogger Patrick YoungIn many ways, the internet has simplified the process of buying a home. It’s easy to start your home search online, which is especially helpful for anyone who has physical limitations. Eve...
With both the short term and long term economy on everyone’s mind, many homeowners are turning to Zillow and other online home valuations for help in understanding what is happening to their largest financial asset, their home.  I use a program called Homebot for my clients.  The reason I use thi...
One of the most interesting conversations when it comes to selling a home can center around mandatory disclosures and what that means if the seller believes their home might be haunted. As you might be aware, Washington State Law requires both homeowners and real estate agents to disclose known m...
It's no secret: the greater Seattle area is a vegan paradise!  A quick Google search for "Most vegan cities in the US", and you'll see Seattle in the top 5 on a variety of sites. Most vegan blogs will list off the heavy hitters, usually with lines out the door on weekends: Wayward vegan cafe, Plu...
On November 30th of this year, we will be hosting our 6th semi-annual blood drive. Today I want to share with you why we do this drive.I live a charmed life, I have terrific health. While there has been times in my life of more and less adversity, for the majority of it, I could make this claim. ...
Here's a no-brainer: Moving sucks. Here are all of the considerations  that we'll break down in this article: Can you buy a new house before selling your old one? Buying your new home contingent on selling the current home  Requiring a "Rent-Back" Period on your listing  1. Can you buy a new hous...
If you are about to buy or sell real estate, the agent you hire is going to be a key part of that endeavor. They are going to have the authority to negotiate a very large financial transaction on your behalf and communicate your wishes and desires to the other party in the deal.So naturally you w...
My cousin just got her real estate license and I couldn't be more excited for both her and her future clients.  Our industry needs great people as we are an old industry with a median age of 54, according to the National Association of REALTORs®.  And because our industry, like any other industry...
 Honoring our Veterans is something we take to heart at the Jana Sells Homes team and we are committed to that; not just in words but in action.  First of all, we want you to know we thank all our Veterans by purchasing a Fidelity Home Warranty when they buy or sell a home with the Jana Sells Hom...
Can I just start by giving a full NERD ALERT and fully disclose my obsession with technology?   Let's talk tech. I'm Generation X. Modern innovations of my youth had falsely guaranteed saving time and money and all sorts of other resources.. So when it failed to deliver, it's more than understand...

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