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  As a Burlington Stager, I consult on homes of all styles and ages. Some have been well cared for and some not. I come upon some houses where I want to ask "do you really want to put lipstick on that pig?" I would never phrase it quite like that but .... Sometimes if there is a limited budget, ...
  The hardest part of Staging your home is letting go. When you sell your home you will go through the process of detaching yourself emotionally from the place where so much has happened. Your home must become that house we had on ......... street. I see clients at the beginning of this process....
As a Burlington stager, I have been called to consult on many types of homes. The sellers of homes that have been professionally decorated sometimes have trouble understanding why they need a stager for their home. They feel their home is ready for the market. This is usually not the case. A prof...
  I've been Staging in Burlington for about seven years now. It still surprises me when a Seller doesn't realize that their home is missing something. They have lived without the item just fine. Why would the Buyer expect one? I try to explain that this item is normally part of a home and will b...
Why should you prepare your home for sale before listing? Because you only get one chance to make a great first impression. These days that first impression is formed on the MLS listings. In this Internet age Buyers start their search on line. They can enter their price range, the type of home th...
  Sellers often don't want to paint when I suggest it. I understand that it takes time and money but it is a good investment. Today's buyer wants 'move in condition'. They want to move in, put their belongings away and go to work. Your buyer will use it as a bargaining chip. The Home Gain stats ...
  Most families enjoy having family photos on display in their home. I see them all the time as a Burlington stager. Family photos are great in Living Mode. BUT When you sell your home you have to move into Selling Mode. The focus of your home changes from your needs to the buyer and their persp...
Christmas is over and we've had a January thaw and suddenly we are off and running. Sellers and Realtors in Burlington are anxious to jump on the early spring market. Yes, the early spring market starts now. I have a client right now with an Estate Sale. The house is full of potential but somewha...
  After a slow November and December I am off and running into 2013! My phone has started ringing! I am looking forward to meeting new clients and working with past clients who are ready to move on again. This weekend I will work with two new clients and a past client who has just bought a new h...

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Home Staging tips and advice offered to help sellers. Worked in Burlington Ont. and surrounding areas Janice Ankrett helped sellers prepare their homes for sale. Janice worked with real estate agents and owners to help the home sell as quickly as possible for the best possible price.