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Once again this weekend I was out looking at open houses. I look at them from a Stager's point of view.  When you put your home up for sale remember that the buyer is using their senses to judge it. The senses of Sight and Touch and Sound are used along with the sense of Smell. This week the thin...
I was making the rounds of open houses on the weekend. I like to meet agents and see how houses are being presented to buyers.  House #1 was a one floor new build. It was my dream home if I had $1.6 million dollars ;). I loved everything about it! The key areas of this home were staged and it sho...
During the August lull, I've had time to think about my past 9yrs as a Home Stager. The time has just flown by for me.  The thing that stands out for me the most is not the houses but the people.  I've met people from varying cultures, religions and lifestyles.  Cultural challenges arose in the f...
Debbie has some wonderful information in her post about pets and hardwood flooring. Sellers and Buyers should keep this in mind. Hardwood is so popular now and we need to know how to live with it comfortably.  Yes, today is National Dog Day (August 26th).  I love dogs (as well as cats) and many o...
I've been watching a story unfold in my neighborhood.  A house has gone up for sale. The seller has decided to move to a Retirement Home. I assume that the seller wants to use the funds from the house to support this move. After watching things I've decided it makes a good cautionary tale.  Thing...
I spent Monday at a display honoring the 100th Anniversary of WWI set up in LaSalle Park. My husband and I decided it was the better part of valor to pack up our treasures before the rain hit. We had been watching the thunderstorm rolling in. We made it out just as the rain hit. Little did we kno...
No, I'm not there to insult you or your home.  My job during the staging consult is to help you market your home. I want you to get the best possible price in the shortest possible time.  Clients can be on the defensive when I arrive. They are uncomfortable with a stranger coming into their home ...
Monday August 4, 2014 is Joseph Brant Day. The celebrations will be held at LaSalle  Park in Burlington. This Monday is also the 100th Anniversary of the start of the First World War for Canada.    A Legion service to commemorate the Anniversary will be part of Burlington's Joseph Brant Day celeb...
I am happy to report that this Georgian style Victorian Era home in Milton is SOLD! It was on the market for 2 weeks with a lot of interest!   
Staging Consults are for Buyers too! If you have a Buyer that has trouble visualizing their life fitting into a home ... OR If you have a Buyer that is having trouble choosing between two homes ..... A Staging Consult may be just what you need.  You have shown your Buyer homes that meet their wis...

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