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When people find out I'm a Stager, one of the first questions is 'How do you tell the sellers about their home without hurting their feelings?' I think that is one of the reasons Realtors hire a Stager to do a consult. They don't want to tell their client those uncomfortable truths about their ho...
Staging changed this home from Living Mode to Selling Mode.  The focus changed from the Seller's needs to the Buyer's perspective as they walked through.  Great Room   Kitchen   En suite   Even the Home Office took on a new look. Make sure your home 'talks' to the buyers.            
When preparing your home for sale you switch from Living Mode to Selling Mode. There are different guidelines for how the house should look. The focus switches from the seller to the buyer.  I tell my clients we are going to walk a fine line between looking like a model home and looking like a ho...
So many starter homes are supposed to have a living/dining space plus an eat-in kitchen.  Most of the time these homes are small and it's hard for the buyer to imagine how to use the spaces.  Staging helps you show the buyers how to use these spaces.    This great room does manage to fit both fun...
I did a consult in a small townhouse complex recently.  The clients were empty nesters.  One of the first things I asked them was what age groups their neighbors fit into.  Why? Because I wanted their home to 'speak' to the correct group of buyers.  Staging is about helping buyers see themselves ...
It's the middle of February. It's Early Spring Market Time! This winter has been particularly cold and snowy. We have all been hibernating and dreaming of Spring.  Believe it or not you need to wake up and get busy now if you intend to go on the market this Spring.  Give yourself time to prepare ...
No matter what size of home you have the Gem you need to uncover it Space. Buyers need to feel that your home is spacious for that size of home.  Show them the space for living and the space for storing.  That is why there is so much talk about removing Clutter from a home before it goes on the m...
                        Yes, I've caught another deer in my headlights! Sometimes that's how clients look after going through their home with me. They have usually been in their home for a number of years. Their home has not been updated for several years. The kids are moving out and it's time to...
This year is the year of Purples, Granny Smith Apple Green and Turquoise.  In the past it has been Reds, Melons/Orange,Teal Blue with Brown etc.   These colors are fun and new and a great way to update up your decor. But when you are updating keep in mind that you may want to Sell before you upda...
Kathy Streib has written an excellent post. No matter where we live it seems we tend to neglect the garage area when preparing a home for sale.  Just like the rest of the house, the garage should show a clear purpose. Using it for overflow from the house tells your buyers your home lacks storage....

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Home Staging tips and advice offered to help sellers. Worked in Burlington Ont. and surrounding areas Janice Ankrett helped sellers prepare their homes for sale. Janice worked with real estate agents and owners to help the home sell as quickly as possible for the best possible price.