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One of the 'I wants' a buyer is looking for is Storage. Storage spaces may not be glamorous but they are something every homeowner needs.  Storage spaces need to be presented properly just like the other features of your home. Be prepared to do due diligence to cabinets, clothes closets, linen cl...
One of the first things I say to my clients is to tell me right away if they know they cannot do one of my suggestions.  I don't want them to just ignore the issue I have identified. That's not going to get the job done. So, don't worry about my feelings. Tell me 'we don't think we can do that be...
There is big difference between a home in Living Mode and a home in Selling Mode. Living Mode focuses on your needs and likes while Selling Mode focuses on appealing to as many buyers as possible.  To get this wide appeal buyers with varying tastes need to feel they can move in and live comfortab...
As I've listened to my son while he looks for a home I have been reminded of why I tell my clients to Bring on the Bling.  No matter what level of home a Buyer is looking at, they want the most for their money. Buyers also want to do Nothing except put their belongings away.  What attracted my so...
This January's deep cold is definitely affecting us all. We are cocooning in our homes.  I'll get a call about doing a consult and then the client decides to wait a while. After all there is no rush to get on the market. It's so cold. Personally I think it slows the thinking process LOL. Must be ...
Kathy Streib brings some insight into selling a vacant property. Make sure you are spending your budget wisely as you prepare the home for sale. Staging is not just about the pieces a Stager brings in, it is about creating a sound product. Updated paint, lighting, flooring etc helps increase the ...
Happy New Year !!! 2015 will mark my 10th year as a Home Stager. I have enjoyed every minute of  it!  I am looking forward to all the clients (and their homes) that I will meet in the coming year.    Have a safe and happy New Years Eve!   Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2015!
Most Buyers are focusing on Christmas with their families right now. This means  December is not the best time to put your house on the market.  But as a Seller, it is a great time to start prepping your home for the early Spring market.  Put a plan together with the help of a Professional Home S...
If your home is on the market in December, it may impact your holiday celebrations.  To decorate or not to decorate for the Holiday Season ..... hmm ....  The answer is Yes! Go ahead and decorate your home. You want the buyers out there to be able to imagine celebrating in their new home next yea...
When will we in the Real Estate Industry ever be free of those negative images! I realize that there are disreputable in every profession but most of us are very ethical.  That tired old idea that Stagers and Realtors try to hide the negatives about a house just won't die. The latest in my area i...

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Home Staging tips and advice offered to help sellers. Worked in Burlington Ont. and surrounding areas Janice Ankrett helped sellers prepare their homes for sale. Janice worked with real estate agents and owners to help the home sell as quickly as possible for the best possible price.