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A real estate blog all about Atlanta Real Estate and the home selling and buying process.
It's been over 2 years since I left full-time real estate to help real estate agents and small businesses with digital marketing.   What I found fascinating was the difference between what online marketers do for clients vs what I was doing when I had a team.   Online marketers like to focus on b...
I've written before about how the lowest hanging fruit for real estate agents is likely signing up for Google My Business.  Many searches are influenced by the searcher's location.   If you've ever searched for food you'll notice that you'll get results based on where your phone or computer is at...
You might be asking yourself, why do we need yet another website with our real estate information on it?   This site claims to be a bit different in that it's not a tech company trying to do real estate or a real estate agent trying to do tech.  It's a tech person who was a real estate agent who ...
I've been consulting on digital marketing in Atlanta for a little over 20 years.  In that 20 years I went into full time real estate and now that I'm back to full time consulting there is one question that keeps coming up in different forms.   What should I spend my money on?  What can a new agen...
One of the most requested podcast topics is Facebook marketing (Our Facebook A to Z is one of our most popular podcasts).  Today we cover 7 Tactics For Facebook Ad Success For Real Estate Agents.   Today's episode is highly actionable, with a recipe for how to boost ads, how to target new custome...
If you're read any of my recent blogs you might know that I've gone from full time real estate agent to full time digital marketing and leadership consultant.  When I made the transition a while ago, one thing that made my life a bit easier was my mastermind groups on slack channels.   Now, they ...
When I lurk the facebook groups, active rain posts and the internet in general I see this one mistake with all real estate agents.  Now to be honest, not every real estate agent is currently making this mistake but I'd venture to guess that over 90% of agents are making this mistake.   That mista...
Honestly I don't like doing self promotion so I don't often post what I'm doing on my podcast here, but I thought it might be worthwhile for you to see a few of the podcasts we did that I think directly can help real estate agents grow their business.   So I wanted to put together a podcast recap...
Real estate CRMs have come a long way but not all of them are creating equal.    Your CRM should be helping you automate tasks so you can spend more time with your real estate clients.  Let's look at 5 things your real estate crm should automate for you. 1. IMMEDIATE LEAD FOLLOW UPWhen you first ...
Is Real Estate SEO Dead?Real Estate SEO has been around for a long time.  When it first started you could get away with using a city name plus the words "homes for sale" and you'd start ranking, you didn't even need listings.   Then IDX came along and changed all of that.  Now you could iframe (b...

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