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Good News for foreclosure victims. Some homeowners will get an option to rent the home that they just lost. Its possible to stay in your home as a renter. Fannie Mae will give borrowers facing foreclosure an option to rent their homes for a year. Foreclosed home owners will be able to sign a one ...
One of the first questions I get asked by an Agent who wants a Custom Facebook Business Page created is “Can you pull in my listings – here’s my IDX Feed” The answer is No! "Pretty Please?" Still No. Not because I don't want to. You see... Facebook does not like dynamic content in custom tabs and...
If you still aren't convinced that social media is here to stay consider the following figures from a recent Nielsen study: "Americans have nearly tripled the amount of time they spend at social networking and blog sites such as Facebook and MySpace from a year ago, according to a new report from...
Here are the results from a survey of 200 Realtors about using social media in your real estate business: Feedback and Comments Thanks to everyone who provided the comments and insights into social media marketing and it's impact on the real estate profession.  As promised, here's the feedback fr...
Thank you Jason for the personnal phone call a few minutes ago. I have been a fan / supporter of Jason's since watching his social media video that I have shared with everyone in our network. I learned even more in speaking with him personnally about his vision and his plans to grow this real Est...
Sales Up Prices Down This same story has been playing our for quite a while now. The trend towards lower prices will probably continue even as the recession winds down. Continuing job loss, a weak recovery and real problems in all real estate sectors, now focused on commercial property and Alt A ...
CNN Money is reporting today the 22 banks that received the most help from the Treasury bail out programs collectively have cut $10 Billion from their small business loan balances in the last 6 months alone. They make more money and the small businesses that drive the economy take it in the short...
Communicating and marketing with your customers or potential customers used to be simple. You had a few options such as TV, radio, print, etc. The advent of the Internet and the recent growth of Social Media have in some respect made this process easier, but at the same time considerably more com...
If you're thinking about using Twitter to grow your real estate business, you may want to think about the following stat: 60% of new Twitter users quit using Twitter after one month. There's even a name for them - Twitter Quitters. Here's a copy of the results from a study by Nielsen: "About 60 p...

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