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Hard Money in Ma.Here are some of the flexible loan terms I've been seeing offered to real estate investors by the hard money lenders I work with... Loans up to 80% of purchase price.100% of needed rehab funds built into the loan.Minimum loans amounts of 50k.Not all programs require previous expe...
Almost 10 years ago, the record for commercial mortgage originations was set at $508 Billion. A good chunk of these commercial loans were set up with a 10 year maturity date which is quickly approaching. Some of these notes have a balloon term where now the unpaid balance is now due in full. Othe...
The little to no money down hard money rehab loan still remains at the top of the list of loan requests I get (all the time!).Basically I get a the client who wants me to find them a lender who will buy the property and fund 100% of the rehab expenses.This is a very tough request to fill because ...
Wordless Wednesday... Barrington RI Gazebo.   Here come the ducks and geese... The fish are here, now it's a party... Turtles too? Now things are getting out of hand...     SaveSave
I recently visited the new Wmydah Pirate Ship Museum in West Yarmouth on Cape Cod Ma. This is a museum that just opened at the end of this past June and showcases some plunder from the only fully authenticated Golden Age pirate shipwreck ever discovered.The Wmydah, pronounced "Wi-Duh" had been a ...
 This past July, Star Trek celebrated its 50th Anniversary. As part of this major milestone I choose to celebrate by digesting Star Trek in a variety of ways with my month long celebration. I read to non fiction books by William Shatner. The first was a tribute to Leonard Nimoy in a book titled "...
A recent Zillow analysis concluded that 14% of today's renters are in a qualified position to buy a house.This Zillow study also suggested that because of tight inventory, steep competition and higher prices many  potential buyers were remaining renters.I wonder what the other 86% of renters are ...
My family spent this past weekend away from home and while at out hotel I spent one morning by the pool and watched as a young girl was getting some swimming lessons from an uncle.I heard her say a few times "I can't" in response to something he was asking her to do and he would follow up with "I...
  Killing Reagan by Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard. For anyone who is a fan of the following; reading, history, politics and nostalgia Killing Reagan should be an enjoyable book to read.As with other titles in the "Killing" series of books by O'Reilly and Dugard, this book is loaded with many fact...
Down payment assistance for first time home buyers in Rhode Island.There is currently a new down payment assistance program available to first time home buyers in Rhode Island available through RI Housing or through a participating lender in their network.There is 2.7 million available from the U...

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