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  It paid off (big time) to check out some red tagged clearance items at Wal-mart tonight. I was checking out some camping gear there tonight and noticed an air compressor on an end cap loaded with a bunch of miscellaneous stuff. When I price checked it at one of the scanners they have in the st...
Vinyl siding and shutters are up. Now for a peak inside....     This house is still under construction. It may be several weeks before I am able to visit the site and check out the latest completed projects.   If you are in Massachusetts or Rhode Island and thinking of building, please call my of...
Tip Income. If you are working in a profession in which a portion of your income is earned through tips or gratuities. I have several, though limited, programs that have guidelines that allow for this income to be used for mortgage qualification purposes.  There are some restrictions however with...
I don't want to get into the habit of using this blog as a message board but I just can't help myself today. The weather in my part of New England is absolutely perfect today and I managed to take full advantage of it. Yard work, vaccumed out both cars and ran some small errands.. The best parts ...
Net Tangible Benefit. Here is a look at how a good loan originator looks to see if a refinance is in a client's best interest and if the refinance in fact offers some benefit. This is extremely important especially when the existing loan that a client is looking to replace has not had at least 60...
Here are a couple of pictures from the site of a new home construction. I was able to assist some clients of mine with a very good construction loan that is allowing them to build their dream home.  
RV Industry News.  There has been some interesting and exciting news coming out of the RV (recreational vehicles) markets, especially over the past 6 months where this industry has seen 6 consecutive month over month increases in sales activity. "Historically, (the RV industry) leads into the rec...
Mortgage Market Ramblings. (perhaps a bit of gibberish too...)           At the end of this month, the 1.3 trillion that the Fed has dumped into the housing market to keep downward pressure on rates will end.  Where do we go from here when the Fed stops buying mortgage backed securities? Will we ...
If you have little or no equity in your home and this has been the main reason for not being able to refinance. The Freddie Relief Refi is a great product and could offer you some help! Jason
Home Improvement Mortgages. Would you like to fix up an older home? Have you found a house that's almost perfect but lacks the master bedroom and bath you want? Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen, or repairing the roof, gutters, and siding? By choosing to buy and fix up a home or by r...

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