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When a bank says no to your commercial loan request, hard money is a good option but hard money doesn't always have to be your only option.As a Commercial mortgage broker in Rhode Island and Massachusetts I get a lot of loan requests where my client immediately tells me they are looking for a har...
What's to become of the Sam's Club building in Seekonk Ma?Earlier this month it was announced that three of the Sam's Clubs in the south eastern New England area would be closing its doors.I was in the Seekonk one over the weekend and the inventory has dwindled quite a bit as the store moves towa...
 The "Get to Know Me" Blog Post. A little about you...I am a lifelong resident of East Providence. I am married with two children and one really little dog (5lb min pin). I enjoy reading, exercising and spending time with my family. Why the mortgage field as a career?My strong points have always ...
If you are looking for a commercial mortgage in Warren RI my office is a good place for you to begin your mortgage application process.Right now the commercial mortgage and commercial real estate in Warren is strong. Especially the multi family segment of the market.My office has both traditional...
 Hard Money in Pawtucket RI.Real Simple Message Here. If you have a property or project that doesn't quite fit in with a bank but has a strong amount of equity, a private lender might be a good option for you.My office works with hard money lenders looking for the following scenario's...*Fix & Fl...
Does anyone still chain their doors?The other night as I let my dog out for the final time before bed I found that there was an issue with my deadbolt not turning correctly.Instead of doing the smart thing and waiting until the morning when I would have been rested and The Home Depot would be ope...
I made this for those people who chose to work in a commission based environment, the warriors who have to hunt to eat and the professionals who are willing to fight for what they want, this is for you...Never give up!  Jason
This time of year is always fun as we head into a new year and get a fresh start on a new adventure.I've thought about the new year ahead and what I would like to accomplish and this year I've put together a real simple and basic plan.For my business a top priority will be a heavy focus on genera...
As a commercial mortgage broker I get to see some really exciting loan products.Here is an overview on a commercial mortgage the assigns value to the property based on repairs/renovation  not yet done.This is not an official offer to lend but simply a look at some guidelines.Collateral: 1-4 famil...
How does a rehab loan work.As a commercial mortgage broker this is a common question I hear. More specifically the question is really about how does the borrower get their funds to rehab their property. A commercial rehab loan can work several different ways.With the big picture there are two bas...

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