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This year my office hasn't had too many requests for this loan type, still I wanted to let it be known that if someone is in the need for this product, there is an option available!   Program Details:* Non owner occupied residential, commercial, and multi-family properties.* No Income verificatio...
  I think it is human nature to push yourself and do the right thing when an audience holds you accountable. Real strength reveals itself when you push yourself or do the right thing when the only one watching is yourself.   Jason
  King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Tableby Roger Lancelyn Green "Sir knight," said the hermit, '...you must deliver us also from a serpent which dwells near by in an ancient tomb" Then Sir Launcelot took up his shield and said: "What I may do to save you from evil that will I attempt wit...
Investing in Rhode Island Mixed Use and Multi Family Property. Just reading between the lines on some Rhode Island real estate figures that have recently come out, it seems that there might be some good opportunity with purchasing either a mixed use or multi family property. The average price of ...
The Providence Journal used a headline of "Strong May for RI Housing Sales." I think the actual numbers are mixed and flat at best. Still, when compared with national figure which dropped, flat isn't all that bad. The number of single family home purchase rose from 666 to 667. I'm not even sure i...
I read a breakdown on May's real estate transactions and it's not by much but it appears that greater than half of the transactions are being done by individuals who have substantial savings and reserves....  49% purchased as owner occupied with some form of mortgage taken out. 25% were purchased...
A current AP Headline... Home sales dip 2.2 pct despite tax credits May home sales sink 2.2 percent despite help from federal tax credits Rates are great. The supply of inventory is endless. Home prices are very low. What are we missing? Stable employment and consumer confidence. People are spend...
Commercial Loans in Rhode Island. Here are a few comments from the Fed's Beige Book Survey on commercial leasing activity in Rhode Island. Rhode Island commercial leasing activity is at least flat and in some cases noticeably improved when compared to the last report. In recent weeks a significan...
Potential Housing Shortage. I caught part of a news story this weekend that spoke about a potential housing shortage that could happen as more and more people returned to work. Part of the cause here is that new construction is down and will not keep up with the growing population. I think what w...
I have a tip to pass on when buying a welcome mat for your home. Stay away from any mat that has a ridge or frame type border. We got a new one recently that looked nice but when it rained water got trapped and settled into the mat creating a small puddle and soggy mess. With the extra water I al...

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