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 How Do Auctions  Work? Can I Set A Reserve At  An Auction? What is A Buyer's Premium?  How Much Do  Auctions  Cost?   All The Answers Can Be Found Right Here, Courtesy of James R. Cash Auctions...  INTRODUCTION TO  AUCTIONS​​​Who Is James R. Cash Auctions?​James R. Cash - "The Selling Machine" s...
For  years I have wanted to celebrate my birthday with an auction.  We've come close many times over  the years and in 2009 I was in Southern Missouri for a Huge 2 Day Auction  Event with My Dad. For the  first time in my career I  will  celebrate my birthday with  my very own Real Estate Auction...
  Aren’t auctions a last resort or for people? No, The Finest Assets In The World Are Sold At Auction.From Racehorses to Automobiles, to Fine Art, Jewelry,  and Collectible...Real Estate is no exception.  ​​How much do auctions cost?​In most cases, we are paid a commission based on the sales pric...
Most properties at auction are sold subject to no contingencies. This is why many times you hear that properties are CASH ONLY purchases. MANY times buyers at our auctions seek out lending institutions for loans on large purchases. YOU CAN get a loan on a property sold at auction but it is not su...
How Are Auctioneers Paid?Jay Cash, Auctioneer & Real Estate BrokerJames R. Cash Auctions & Real Estate Real Estate Auctions • Estate Sales • Business Liquidations(See full list of Auctions on our website)Contact: JayPhone: 615.785.8982 How Much Do Auctioneers Charge? MOST Auctioneers Are Paid On ...
JAMES R. CASH AUCTIONS COVID-19 POLICY & PROCEDURES This is a public auction, the home is open for any and all inspections by appointment only.Auction Date: April 18th, 11:00 AMOnly Registered Bidders and their agents will be allowed Onsite the day of the auction.Registered Bidders Must have $10,...
Entering a maximum bid (max bid) can save you the hassle of incrementally bidding in a online auction.   You set the ceiling for the price you’re willing to pay. Your bid is automatically advanced until your maximum bid is reached. You are only outbid if someone bids higher than you.   You can e...
It never fails, every auction, every time. Someone emails or calls with an excuse that their cat bid accidentally.     If not their cat, perhaps they didn’t realize the terms & conditions said “No Shipping” in huge blinking letters and they live 500 miles away. Or perhaps the last most com- mon ...
BY Jay Cash & Shane McCarrell -   As a consumer you have many options in the world of online auctions and tag/estate sales.   The industy has grown rapidly over the last few years.     As society continues to shift to an eCommerce dominated market consumers must be vigilant when choosing an onli...
With online auctions, the most active bidding often occurs in the final moments before closing. It can be frustrating for bidders to get beat out by someone with faster fingers, Internet service, or simply better luck. As an auctioneer it’s frustrating to hear that bidders were willing to pay mo...

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