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"Our goal is to be a retailer with the ability to see opportunity on the horizon and have a clear path for capitalizing on it.  To do so, we are moving faster than ever before, employing more technology and concentrating our resources on those elements most important to our core customers." Macy'...
We moved to the Manassas, Virginia area in 1988.  We currently reside in Bristow, a couple of miles to the southwest.  This is an area rich in history. My family has been in the Washington DC area a long time.  One line arrived in 1652, another in 1705, and yet another in 1737.   Other lines arri...
Is Stainless Steel Really Stainless?Well, no.  It would be better to call it stain less, with two words.It can be stained!This is a stainless steel kitchen sink in BRAND NEW CONSTRUCTION.We were doing the final walk through inspection. The kitchen sink had small brown stains all over it.  They wo...
What happens when a spring is found under new construction?In the Washington DC suburbs all the lots in a few counties have all been used for development, commercial or residential.As such, in older neighborhoods, if one wants to live there, but not in the small house built there many decades ago...
Have bump keys arrived in your area? What are "Bump Keys?"  Have you heard of them? Bump keys are an easy, Internet-available way for non-locksmiths to get into your home.  Or most any home. And they are proliferating. Where are they coming from and how are they proliferating?  The photo to the r...
Picking the right locksmith, and what to look for.I am reading lots of articles about crooked locksmiths.  This problem has cropped up in recent years.  You need a locksmith and do an Internet search and a local phone number pops up.  And you think you are calling a local locksmith who miraculous...
So, think about the Yule Log tradition - make it your rule - hitch up the mule and drag in the yule!We've mostly all heard of the Yule Log tradition.  But what is the tradition of the Yule Log anyway?It's a tradition probably extending back before medieval times, and said to be Norse.In Scandinav...
The Christmas wreath.This is our wreath, hitched between our two garage doors.Traditionally the wreath means welcome, and this is is the season for that.Is there symbolic meaning to wreaths?Yes!  In addition to its welcome, the circle has been used for millennia to represent the Christian view of...
Sing the Song Now - Seven Ways To Kill Your Dryer!One of the most dangerous appliances in the house is the dryer.  Not maintained, or incorrectly vented, it can burn the house down!  And they do, tens of thousands of times a year in this country.Can I introduce you to seven ways to kill your drye...
Thermal imaging averts a potential dangerous dryer fire.Mighty Mo does it again!  He loves his job.I do a lot of One-Year Warranty Inspections.They are the last time a buyer has a chance to have the builder address anything wrong with the house.During those inspections the report needs to be very...

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