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As amazing as this may seem the story is true.  Facts like these often escape our attention unless we see it on Facebook or Twitter. A 20 year old college student was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive brain tumor in 2012.  The tumor was the size of a tennis ball.  She went through surgery an...
Many people are struggling to raise their FICO score to meet mortgage qualifications.  A forgotten payment, high balances, a prior foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy can wreck havoc with your score. Banks have been unforgiving about past transgressions.  Qualifying for a mortgage has been pret...
COMING SOON - UNIQUE LOG HOME IN UPSCALE COMMUNITY Most outstanding Log Home   It's not often you find a sprawling log home in an upscale community.  No expense was spared when this home was originally built.  So many upgraded features have been incorporated into the design. Tucked away at the en...
Thinking about buying your first home?  You are perhaps excited.  Maybe you are fearful.  Both emotions are perfectly normal.  Buyers Agent with Clients   Let's face it - you've been doing lots of research.  You've looked at homes online. Spent hours shifting through your favorite real estate we...
As Real Estate professionals we tour more homes in a month than the average consumer will tour in a lifetime.  Consistently we see the same marketing mistakes over and over again. Clarks Summit Home For Sale   A home will sit and languish on the market for months without an offer.  The seller get...
This can be one of the most gut wrenching tasks a son or daughter could face.  Especially if they grew up in the home and it's filled with childhood memories.  Maybe long ago you moved away and have a family of your own.  Coming home now that the folks are gone is surreal and often unnerving.  Fo...
Many first time home buyers we encounter in Scranton Pa use the internet for all their needs. The internet is either a blessing or a curse. Recently we had a couple come to us who had been pre-approved by two lenders. One was a local bank and one lender they found on the internet.   There was a b...
In the Scranton Pa area we have many newer homes equipped with heat pumps for both heat and air conditioning.  When we lived in the south these hard working units were the HVAC of choice.  While they are not as prevelant in northern PA we nevertheless see many of them in newer homes.  If you own ...
I re-blogged a post by Realtor Larry Brewer regarding National Humane Societies on Active Rain a few weeks ago. This is the link so you can review Larry's article. I thought it was worth p...
To boost your business it's sometimes necessary to get out of your comfort zone.  What keeps us from trying that which is uncomfortable for us? Fear of Failure.Almost every successful person experienced failures.  Thomas Edison tried thousands of materials to make a light bulb filament.  Thousand...

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