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Our local Homes Magazine had an unusual number of new home communities springing up around Lackawanna County. The homes advertised seemed attractively priced and very competitive.  Builders do their best to attract prospective buyers to visit their new communities and buy a home. Lots of couples ...
Every day we venture out of our safety net into the world of the unknown.  You might be a Realtor, Home Inspector, Stager, Mortgage Broker, Title Agent, Attorney or Property Manager.  Your spouse sets off for his or her job, and the kids are safely tucked on the bus for their day at school. You p...
We are in the throws of one of the worst gas crunches this country has ever seen. Gas  is over $4.00 per gallon in parts of the U.S. and rapidly headed there every where else.  Some experts are convinced we will see $5.00 gas or more.  Gasoline - like it or not - is intertwined with almost every ...
This time of the year many homeowners are thinking about selling their homes.  Many are toying with the idea of trying to sell it without the benefit of a Realtor. A recent blog by Larry and Sheila professionals from Long Island New York illustrates some of the pros and cons of this undertaking. ...
Much misunderstanding exists about the presence of mold.  Mold is not a spontaneous condition.  Mold is caused by moisture, which may be present due to any number of reasons.  A leaking roof, a window sash not properly sealed, accumulated water in a basement etc. Unless you eliminate the underlyi...
As Spring gets into full swing many folks will begin a Spring Cleaning ritual.  In the home it might be time to clean out the attic, basement or garage. Straighten up the wood pile that became disheveled after the heating season.  Rake up fallen branches and dead leaves.    One of the most deadly...
In Scranton Pa your home may feel warm, but one or more areas just don't heat to a comfortable level. Fellow Realtor Amy Mullen wrote a terrific article packed with valuable information on the latest space heaters available. The proper space heater can solve those chilly spots in your home and on...
In this day and age many buyers want access to information and homes IMMEDIATELY.  They are so accustomed to instant gratification that bending the rules seems to justify their quest for satisfaction. In real estate we have very specific responsibilities as agents.  We ALL represent the seller UN...
If you are contemplating selling your home in Clarks Summit Pa, the two of the most important rooms a buyer considers is the kitchen and the bathroom.  Fiberglass tubs and showers are very popular and used for years to update a bathroom. Over time they get "tired" looking with stains that are imp...
In Pennsylvania seller disclosure is the law.  A seller is required to put in writing everything they know about the home during their occupancy.  When a roof was replaced.  If water issues have been present.  If there are known hazards on the property. The form is extensive and often homeowners ...

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