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Scranton Pa St Patricks Day parade is toted to be the 1st or 2nd largest in the country depending on who you talk to. On Saturday March 10 ,2012 Scranton Pa was decked out totally in green. Every body had one day to be Irish. The 51 st annual parade began promptly at the conclusion of mass held a...
As Realtors we are called upon every day to handle difficult situations.  It's what we do best for our buyers and sellers. Our job is to make the buying or selling process stress free for our clients.  We are experienced with every aspect of the transaction.  There is really nothing in a transact...
Thousands of home owners have used a process called a Short Sale to sell their homes for less than they owe.  If you have contemplated selling your home and taking advantage of the debt relief program don't hesitate too long. Read this timely article by Real Estate professional Rocky Dole. A Real...
Here is an interesting article posted by Real Estate professional Gene Mundt with some great advice. When preparing your home for sale in Scranton Pa staging is critical before your first showing.   Pay attention to little details. One area most sellers over look is odor. Cooking, pets, smoking, ...
When looking for a home in Pa entering into a Buyers Agency with a real estate agent gives a buyer a huge advantage. The Buyers Agent works exclusively for the interest and in the best interest of the buyer.  A Buyers Agent owes no allegiance to the seller.  It is their job to get the very best p...
Every week we are asked by buyers to contact a seller to see if they would consider rent to own.  There are several terms which apply to this type of transaction. Rent to own, lease to own, option to buy, contract for deed.  As a Real Estate professional I caution buyers to be extremely careful b...
When you prepare your home for sale take an inventory of the items you intend to remove.  Often times sellers are so caught up in cleaning and sprucing up their home, they forget to attend to this very important detail. We always ask you at the time we complete your listing - "Is there anything a...
The latest home affordability numbers are out.  These are national averages.  Home prices have reached an all time affordability level for buyers. If you are looking to buy a home in the Scranton Pa area this is certainly an excellent time to be shopping. Use the same MLS search used by Realtors ...
Many Homeowners who find themselves in financial straights are asking about Short Sales.  There still are myths connected with this process. A recent article from Ryan Jennings clarifies the process and answers many lingering questions.   Do you have to be delinquent or past due to short sale you...
It takes a lot of planning to set up a tour of 7, 8 or 9 homes for a buyer.  As agents we structure our showings in a logical pattern.  Starting at the furthest point and coming back to our starting point. Lo and behold the homeowner in the middle of our tour cannot accommodate the showing becaus...

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