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There are over 2,000 Realtors on Oahu; I am so blessed to work with the top 10! I love the person that has enough confidence in me to share my name, Jay Oku your mortgage source!,  with someone who is about to embark on one of their most important decisions in their lifetime. On this Valentines D...
 USDA UPDATE for HAWAII 2010                                        Fiscal Year 2009 USDA Shattered all Records                        133,045 Loans Guaranteed and $16.2 Billion Obligated Nationally The US Depratment of Agriculture has an outstanding loan program available and if you are not awa...
Bye Bush Hello Change... Well, I give our new President a lot of credit for taking this enormous Trillion dollar economic comittment on. At least the days of blaming Bush for everything will be over. We are the United States of America and are sure acting like a divided country. One steady aspect...
With this monumental rise in mortgage applications both purchase and refinance it is not suprising that the banks are taking an extreme amount of time even to look at a Clean file... December 17th I locked 4.375% with a slight rebate for a client then within 2 hours the rates were back up to 4.62...
How was your Christmas/ Hannukah and New Years?! Happy New Year 2009 from our family to yours! The Year started off fantastic for my lovely wife Yuka, and baby Ai (now 15 months) and myself. Rates in the 4% range!!! Perfect Christmas present!!! Fortunately we were able to give back a lot this ye...
If you have your Loan Officer (LO) lock in an interest rate on your approved loan and find out that rates dropped another .75% from 5.5% to 4.75% would you urge he/she to change banks to get the lower rate? Are you aware of Rate Lock Renegotiation (RENO) and is your Mortgage Broker/Banker proacti...
VA HOME LOAN TOOL This is a tool that helps identify the maximum (conservative 40% dti if debt is low) loan amount that each rank can qualify for in Hawaii and Alaska. This tool uses Basic Housing Allowance (BAH) only and does not factor in COLA or BAS (if it did the loan amounts would be much hi...
Friday October 3, 2008 Aloha Friday! I will be available by telephone and e-mail all weekend for your mortgage needs! I look forward to your call. "The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable." John Kenneth Galbraith Below I have rates (on average) from the top...
Needless to say stress levels are running high if you are in the Real Estate industry.  For me, there is nothing a smile from my 1 year old, a little excercise or a good surf won't fix. But sometimes it takes more than that.  Sometimes you just need to be reminded that while there are always reas...
 This is a terrific way to show your VA clients that you are sincerely looking after their best interests.The Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan aka IRRRL is a low cost way to help your VA clients refinance their home with ease and save money on their monthly mortgage. This week par Rates on ...

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