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The House of Representatives passed the $819 Billion stimulus bill today by a margin of 244-188.  This marked a big victory for President Barack Obama.  Not a single Republican voted YES on the bill and 11 Democrats voted NO. The bill now moves on to the Senate and may take a week or two to be vo...
The FED will make their interest rate decision and release their policy statement today at 11:15am Pacific Time.  There is not really any room for them to move the short term interest rates, so the language that they use could be crucial to see which way mortgage bonds and therefore interest rate...
The House of Representatives will vote on President Barack Obama's 825 Billion Dollar Stimulus Package today...  word is, between 3 and 4pm Pacific Standard Time.  The Dow Jones is up this morning as a result of the news... Will share the results of the big vote as soon as we have them...   JB BR...
Here's a great website for residents of Ladera Heights, Culver City, Westchester or anyone interested in the plans, renderings or updates on the Westfield Fox Hills Mall: http://westfield.com/newfoxhills/home.html The transformation of the Westfield Fox Hills Mall, in Ladera Heights/Culver City, ...
As a mortgage banker and mortgage broker, I am a witness to the clogged up pipelines of all of the banks and investors.  It has been said that the amount of refinance business is near the levels of 2003.  At that time, banks were fully staffed.  Obviously, this is not currently the case and famil...
Earnings season has begun.  Should be interesting to see how the numbers affect the economy and mortgage rates in general... Alcoa came out with their earnings today.  The numbers were much worse than we expected as they lost $1 billion in the 4th quarter of 2008.  Stocks have been down over 500 ...
So,  here we are again... Shades of 2001... mortgage rates dip to near or at all-time lows.  Families flock to lower their rate and save huge amounts of money each month.  Everyone wins... Or, do they? It's 2009, and refinancing has become a whole different animal...  With the slowdown in the mor...
Today, it was announced that December's unemployment numbers came in worse than expected (experts believed 7%) at 7.2%.  This translates into 2,600,000 jobs lost in 2008. 1,900,000 jobs were lost in October, November and December of 2008. More jobs were lost in 2008 than in any year since World W...
A few notes to consider: Mortgage Bonds are trading at historically high levels!  Fantastic news for anyone qualified and looking to refinance.  I just lowered one of my client's rates by 1.5 points! The FED continues their program to purchase mortgage bonds, driving prices higher and rates lower...

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