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Did you know that there are quite a few apparently "suburban" areas that are still eligible for USDA Rural Development loans?  I was digging around on the USDA web site the other day and, out of curiosity, entered a couple of local addresses.  Much to my surprise, I discovered that quite a bit of...
If you've been thinking about getting a great deal on a house, consider the Fannie Mae HomePath program.  Currently, Fannie Mae has about 40 houses listed for sale in St. Clair County, including homes in Belleville, Caseyville, O'Fallon and Fairview that are eligible for this special financing.  ...
If that house you're looking to buy needs a little bit of TLC to make it "just right," or even to make it a little bit more to your liking, there is a rehab loan you can get to buy that house with as little as 3% down.  The loan is called the Streamline 203(k) Limited Repair loan and here are a f...
I just came across a blog post in which the writer did not much like the fact that lenders who both originate and service loans insist on having a potential buyer pre-approved by the lender-servicer's lending side.  The blogger's complaint was regarding Countrywide -- a company that I, personally...
Even though Senate Bill 1167 has not yet taken effect, the writing is on the wall.  I just got a copy of an email one major lender sent out to its broker/correspondent partners regarding Illinois loans: "Due to the SB1167 legislation, XXXXXX will no [sic] fund any stated income loans as of June 1...
We've all read enough by now about how you need a 720 credit score and 20% down to qualify for what people commonly refer to as "the going rate" or "the rate I saw on Bankrate" for a 30-year fixed mortgage.  I've seen a few different approaches to the way people fill in the blanks for the "intere...


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