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Imagine if we only had a crystal ball. Our major financial and life decisions would be so simple to make, and there would be no risk and no worries. Unfortunately, we do not have that luxury. Our decisions must be made upon solid data and information.Over the past year, you may have heard a repea...
We've all seen the bar codes that are used everywhere from grocery stores to department stores, from supply houses to small businesses. They are featured on nearly every product you buy.Well...get ready for a new bar code called a QR code (Quick Response) that is going to begin having a huge imp...
There are a lot of sighs of relief now that 2009 is past, particularly coming from the real estate industry.But will 2010 be any better?I have just dusted off my crystal ball... and I can now offer my annual 10 predictions for real estate in the coming year:1. The residential housing market will ...
Do you have plans to buy a home soon? If so, has it occurred to you that some of the homes you inspect may be overpriced? They may be priced too high for the market. How would you recognize that kind of situation? Should you assume that all houses are overpriced and make low offers on all of them...
It is time to put an end to the Proposition 2 1/2 overrides in Hamilton and Wenham, Massachusetts. When Prop 2 1/2 was enacted in 1980 it had provisions to allow towns to pass overrides, but those overrides were intended for emergency purposes. Overrides were not intended to be used to subsidize...
 Jay Burnham, VP of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Beverly, MA, recently attended the 3-day CyberStar® National Conference in Scottsdale, AZ.The CyberStars® is an invitation-only group of 200 top real estate agents from the US, Canada, Australia and the Bahamas, chosen for their ability...
REMV, or Real Estate Music Video, is the newest and hottest way of video marketing homes. Like the music videos you see on TV and Youtube, this application can range from hard-hitting impact marketing, to soft (think James Taylor) and smooth video marketing.To give you an idea of what an REMV can...
Hot off the "Actual Statistics" press, it is now time for my Complete 2008 Report of how the real estate market fared in my area of the country - the Massachusetts North Shore, north of Boston. The area of observation consists of 22 towns on the North Shore and considers only SINGLE FAMILY homes ...
The following are The Boston Globe Newspaper's real estate headlines for the past six months...all of them (good or bad).  You determine for yourself what kind of a market we continue to experience. THE BOSTON GLOBE October, '08:  Pending home sales rise in August - More buyers are drawn to marke...
A large, and growing group of residents from the Massachusetts towns of Hamilton and Wenham have recently formed a Political Action Committee under the name ENOUGH IS ENOUGH (EIE). Six weeks before the town elections in Hamilton and Wenham in May 2008, Jim Kent, a Hamilton resident, wrote a lette...

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