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  Talking with a broker sales manager for a big name real estate company and after our chat he told me.  Dang! “Ya just don’t know what ya don’t know!”  I had spent the last half hour going over the HECM For Purchase Program with him because one of my buyers saw his sign on a listing and wanted t...
  What happens if I outlive a reverse mortgage?As long as the home is your principal residence, you maintain the home, pay the property taxes, insurance and homeowner dues, then the loan just stays in place with you as the homeowner.  What you are probably referring to is, if, over time you withd...
Can Older Homebuyers Finance a Home Purchase with a Reverse Mortgage? FHA Reverse Mortgages have been available for financing a primary residence since 2009.  Still a relatively new way to buy a home they are becoming more popular. Last month it was reported that 2 out of 3 reverse for purchase ...
  Understanding Reverse MortgagesIt is important for older homeowners, ages 62 and above, to have a basic factual understanding of Reverse Mortgages.  There are millions of homeowners in this aging country of ours who could benefit from the prudent use of this often misunderstood program.   Here ...


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