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Florida Architect John Henry blogs on a variety of subjects, from personal thoughts about state of the art architectural design and historical examples to motivational topics, local Orlando and Florida statistics and general information, and humorous stories.



I keep coming back to encounters at restaurants to make analogies to business services... I can't forget the first time I set foot in a Waffle House.  Everybody shouted out hello!That's a great way to feel your patronage is appreciated.Does a server come up to you as soon as you enter a restauran...
often we have only one chance to 'do good' We were frequenting a great breakfast sweet shop for several years until one day all three of us got ill from the food.  We didn't go back for three years.  We found another spot and while the food wasn't top quality, we did not get sick at all.  Finally...
Why I am surprised about this, I should have known.  But I have been brainwashed under the digital marketing system.How important is a solid referral and from where does it originate? A referral from a prominent player is worth its weight in gold.  It nearly negates your marketing effort to reach...
 Your ultimate Dream Home is going to be based on: desired lifestyle, the time you have to create and work out the perfect design, meeting your budget and schedule, satisfying property restrictions (local building codes), your interest in a particular style or approach, and chosen method of const...
Overseas, not having any contact with college or pro sports of any kind, we had to figure out how to play the game: whether football, basketball, or baseball -- from scratch.I had no idea what was supposed to happen or any of the rules.  No TV to watch.  No live games.No one told me.  I was about...
Are you busy?  Great.  Are you aware of what's coming around the corner?  Is something happening outside of your sphere that might impact you?  In the real estate and construction business, we all have to have our ear to the ground and be aware.  Sometimes we stare at what is coming at us but can...
We live in a subdivision in Maitland Florida that has a single lane access to the loop road.  When you come and go, someone may have already entered the single lane portion and if you have done so a few split seconds later you are second and must back out.  It's almost a game of chicken.Today, a ...
Since the last recession, I was flummoxed by lack of web traffic.  I thought it was simply the downturn but I hadn't even heard of Google Analytics and lo and behold, my web was flagged for nasty backlinks.   I wrote a letter to Google disavowing the backlinks.  THAT DIDN'T WORK I revamped my old...
When I first designed my web with MS FrontPage a few years back, there were few sources online to explain how SEO worked best.  For those owning websites that are your principle contact to a public that is searching for your services, backlinks are crucial to your success.I read that 'reciprocal ...

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