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Florida Architect John Henry blogs on a variety of subjects, from personal thoughts about state of the art architectural design and historical examples to motivational topics, local Orlando and Florida statistics and general information, and humorous stories.
The pizza will feed a family of four...  
A few friends and I have been frequenting a breakfast place here in Winter Park, Keke's.  And we just figured out why this restaurant is most appealing!We were remarking at how well oiled this place was.  And it wasn't centered on the food quality at all. We are greeted and immediately seated. Be...
Syntax, as it relates to language, is the set of rules that we must follow to make a recognizable order and sense of our written communications.In Architecture, there are also 'rules' that must be followed in order to make a clear statement of what you are trying to accomplish artistically in ter...
If you wish to stay alive and viable, the way Barbara Todaro does it is exemplary. “We see you everywhere.”  That’s what our last Free Market Analysis caller said when asked what made her call.  Of course, a mailing had just landed, and it was timed to be there when the local newspaper was delive...
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There has been a bit of posting of late on distraction.There is a lot of distraction available as soon as you sit in front of a computer.  Every possible distraction to any goal you have in mind is bundled into that black box.Pain and pleasure all at your fingertips.  The sounds of Deep Purple or...
There is a quixotic appeal of the wonderful dwellings, villas, and palaces that originate in the lands bordering the Mediterranean Sea by American homeowners, architects, and builders.  In most cases, the simplicity of form and geometric integrity, clean and bright harmony of color, and earthy ma...
If you do drive-by responses to the blogs you may find of interest and are not reading many of the valuable comments posted by others sincerely interested and affected by the subject of the post, you are losing potentially 50% of the effectiveness and benefit of the message. (my guesstimate)A gre...
For several months now I have had a feeling that the digital world is not panning out as it was hyped up to be.I have seen posts here mentioning that faith in the combination of social media, FB, SEO and other trickery has waned or is not reliable, or does not produce results (as 'promised').  I ...
I think we have all experienced those moments in life when we accused of some level of malfeasance... when none of the sort occurred.  This is the worst situation in my estimation.There are several other times when following a train of thought in any conversation ends up in a false conclusion and...

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