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Florida Architect John Henry blogs on a variety of subjects, from personal thoughts about state of the art architectural design and historical examples to motivational topics, local Orlando and Florida statistics and general information, and humorous stories.
Europe has a wonderful history of artful grace, music, and majestic buildings.  For much of the continent  devastated after WW2 the need for reconstruction at a fast pace was critical to keep people safe and housed.  The industrialization of the building trades was instrumental in making that goa...
"Aacckkk!!! I am getting known for everything except luxury home design here on AR!!!"The above statement was going to be the title for this blog -- but at about 3 am, I decided to change it.  Not only did it not reflect the original topic of this blog, but that I had a revelation about this subj...
1.  Great ideas!     I have learned amazing things that have helped me in my business/relationships, tech stuff, etc.  Pushed me ahead into a larger game and got me thinking about so many important aspects of SEO, branding, marketing, etc. that I have been able to incorporate!2.  Super smart and ...
Since joining AR a little over a year ago, I have been ...pondering... the great ideas posted by -- experts on this subject -- Ron and Alexandra Seigel, about branding and niches.I couldn't get to sleep after I imagined two items that are delightful for all to enjoy... food sweets, of course... a...
First...Yesterday I went, reluctantly, to a memorial service.  I say reluctantly because the family had two weeks to grieve and the reality hit me for the first time.  I was falling apart as the eulogies were given, the chorus sang, the wife and two children spoke passionately and finally when th...
Some version of this quote is attributed to Maynard Keynes... but having just heard it recently, it struck hard.  Similar aphorisms come to mind but this one is specific to circumstances and bears noting.(Let me mention first, I have been gambling lately.  Not intelligently though.  The lottery s...
I have been putting off and rethinking a marketing strategy that I've mentioned here but never tried myself.  Hiding behind a computer and a web site for too long I figured I needed to get out and talk mono y mono to potential clients -- builders in my area who may not know what I have to offer -...
At my morning coffee and crumpets, I just heard this saying...... And if you think about it, that's not a bad aphorism!  I have collected a few more for your  consideration (because -- if one aphorism is worth reading, then overdoing it a bit won't hurt!):“If you want a thing done well, do it you...
At the advent of the Italian Renaissance, the Old World was awakening from years of war, famine, and spiritual darkness.  The remnants of the Roman empire was buried under years of ruin and neglect.But as the Catholic Church unified and peace came over the land, a new moment of enlightenment appe...
In a Washington Post article today, about predictions of the market for 2019, I read an interesting post, and wonder what AR members think:"I do remember being told it was a great time to buy because interest rates are low.  In the back of my mind, I thought:  the great time to buy is when intere...

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