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Florida Architect John Henry blogs on a variety of subjects, from personal thoughts about state of the art architectural design and historical examples to motivational topics, local Orlando and Florida statistics and general information, and humorous stories.
Four months ago I drove through the high end of Winter Park, just north of Orlando, to see in what style the latest construction was more prevalent and to write down the names of the builders for future contact.There were two builders of note whose names started with Z.  One advertises his busine...
... about to walk out the door, he says it's the best menu item at the restaurant there, but then looks down on my plate and I'm working on a tuna salad.So what should I do?1.  Tell him to mind his own business2.  Tell him that I prefer tuna to chicken3.  Ignore him completely and watch the TV on...
Gothic horror is probably my favorite genre with a close second being the futuristic Aliens movies.  The ingenious locations and sets developed for movies as early as 1922s Nosferatu to the Twilight series of 2007 span many architectural styles that were either on the forefront of the time of fil...
This is going to be short and sweet.The signs and prep may have been there but I really wanted to be "the best lead guitarist in the world".  Before I knew anything about motivational therapy and writing notes to yourself, or goal making, etc. at the age of about 15, after listening to quite a fe...
I tend to be gregarious at restaurants...My wife and I were having an alfresco lunch yesterday.  Two tables away sat a woman with a branded shirt, quietly eating some great Mexican food and sipping a Corona.All of a sudden her laid back demeanor changed when she answered a cell call and went into...
Having grown up through high school without TV overseas I was amazed at what I was hearing on commercials when I started college in Beaumont, Tx a few years back.This was the first tag line I'd ever heard and I have never forgotten it.  Of course, now many others come to mind from the good old da...
Did you ever embark on a journey without a map?My father would spend weeks before any road trip, calculating how far we were going, where we would end up, the relative cost, the type of clothing and food to take along, and the time it would take to get from point to point.  He brought extra gas t...
Although designed and built in 2005-06, this charming 4,018 SF Country French styled home is still attractive, timeless, and fits perfectly in the historic sector of the Tampa area just a few blocks from Lakeshore Blvd.The architect, John Henry, had to work with height limits that made a full two...
   WARNING: The image below is disturbing...I remember when these things started getting loaded with apps that I would kid about 'if I really needed a lawnmower I would rather have a separate tool for that'...  and that was flip phone, Stage 1.Traditional camera companies cringe when the new iter...
When I first started with AR, I hadn't thought specifically in terms of niches, branding, motivation, and many other things.  I was just doing what I  figured was working, but actually was not.  Many reasons for that but now I am enlightened due to the great posts here by real experts.Bill Spear ...

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