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Florida Architect John Henry blogs on a variety of subjects, from personal thoughts about state of the art architectural design and historical examples to motivational topics, local Orlando and Florida statistics and general information, and humorous stories.
How many times have you gone to a movie with high expectations and then were disappointed to some degree with the production?  As much as you may have liked the concept or hoped that the sequel would work or admired the actor(s) or wanted to experience the location, etc. something didn't come tog...
A few weeks ago I posted something about starting your day with a smile.  I really didn't elaborate; I just embedded a YouTube video.  Then I started thinking about 'the why'...  I started listening to the Tijuana Brass again.  On and off.  After many years going by.  They no doubt brought back g...
Have you ever pursued a lead or spent some upfront time on a project that seemed to have great promise but after a few hours (or days!) things unraveled and you ended up holding the bag.... ??WellYou can salvage your work by repurposing the content and effort.  Example  You have prepared a great ...
A few months ago I heard about the Two Foot Rule.  I wrote about it.  The title was: The 2 ft. rule may change your life This post has been the most popular one I have written since joining AR.  I have often wondered why.  The main message is this: if you are thinking about taking a leap into ter...
I didn't want to include an introduction here in order to make the point as clear as possible but in the desire not to be blacklisted for this on AR I want to mention that I recounted the lines below as often as listed after leaving a recent movie whose main character iterated this at least twice...
 I am writing this because I have been very reactive in the last few years.  Now that I think of it, I have known myself to be an introvert rather than the opposite.  I think I noticed this in high school.  I was never a 'people person'.  I was in the shadows just doing my thing.  That is why I t...
a.) Marketingb.) Nichec.) Blingd.) Consistency One can argue that almost all of the above is necessary to run a successful business.  Being successful means that you are doing something right.  Being in business means you are getting new clients and getting repeat business.  You cannot last long ...
I recently received a few requests to Friend some great folks here on AR.  Dutifully, once I started doing that, another dozen or more recognized names came up and so I added those people too.  Now, I just would like all of you on FB to know that this is not my strong point.  I apologize in advan...
Motivational Music for a September Morn!
It was the best of times, but could it be spiraling into the worst of times?  There was fear in the air...bordering on riot.  The couriers from RNN were fanning the flames...The peasants seemed revolting.  Some even demanded restitution.   Raconteurs were spinning an armageddon bust.  Was the Kin...

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