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There are some great buys out there right now, and people are out there in full force buying. Same is true for Sellers. I hear it a lot "if we sell NOW we are going to lose some money", BUT the truth is sellers, the market in Syracuse and Onondaga County isn't get hit like some of the BIGGER mark...
Thought I would pass this ON.... Enjoy  I like *3* the best!!!!!!!!!!!     Lesson One:An eagle was sitting on a tree resting, doing nothing. A smallrabbit saw the eagle and asked him, "Can I also sit on my butt likeyou and do nothing?" The eagle answered: "Sure, why not." So, therabbit sat on the...
Last Thursday I had 5 SOLID offers come in on my listings and the 5th one was both sides. No Contingencies onther then the Mortgage. "Knock on wood" everything goes well BUT The phone is ringing, the birds are singing, and I'm just loving it. I SOLD a home to a first time BUYER. I love first time...
Tony Dicello came to Syracuse yesterday and he said and I think it's true this BIZ is very Over promised and undelivered. I think as agents we MUST do as we say we are going to do, it makes us all look better as a whole. I hear it daily from buyers, and sellers. I don't cut up the other agent but...
What an awesome story.... I met a 1st time buyer at one of my open houses 3 years ago and when she came in she looked drained. We spoke for awhile and told me she has been looking for homes for the last month with no luck. She believes agents didn't want to work with her because her price range w...
Well I just registered my kid for Pre K and I gotta tell you, I had so many emotions walking through the school with him. On one hand, he's a big boy now, it was just yesterday though I was holding him, looking down at him thinking to myself WOW I have a baby, but now he's gonna be going to schoo...
I just can't understand WHY some agents take a listing, over price it, and then even worse don't keep in contact with the seller through the whole listing period. I guess the ONLY conclusion to this is they just want to add 1 more listing to there belt and to get leads BUT it defeats the purpose ...
This is WHY I LOVE waking up in the morning, you never know what's going to happen. Somebody dropped their phone on the ground yesterday at Mobil while getting out of their car. I reached down picked it up and went inside Mobil, and asked who's phone is this? He reached for it with GLEE and givin...
How many of you use myspace?? I have had an account for over 2 years and have met quite a few people from other states as well as locally. For those of you who don't have myspace, look into it. For 1, you add people "freinds" to your profile and when you send out a bullitin it goes right to their...
Do any of you use a list to give your clients other then just attorneys, home inspectors, and banks?? I am thinking of putting together a list of contractors, handymen, landscapers etc that they can use. I think it would be an added benefit BUT at the same time if something goes wrong with  a con...

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