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Coffy wants everyone to know that his hometown is the City of Canton, Ohio! He has a few pictures of himself that he would like to share that shows him at one of his favorite local attractions.  North, South, East, or West, no matter where he roams, HOME is always best. Coffy loves to travel, but...
My little friend Coffy The Cutler Bear loves to travel, and he would like to see as much of the world as possible. I don't have enough vacation time or money nor the means to help him accomplish his goal, but together maybe we can make his dreams come true. His home is in Stark County, Ohio, in t...
Latest figures (2nd Quarter 2008) have been released for our local housing market for Stark County Ohio. General trends include: On scale of 1 through 5, the slider is slightly to the left of center indicating a continuing Buyers Market. The average selling price dipped slightly during the second...
Looking for a secluded retreat just minutes from major shopping and commerce? Look no further, you can have it all right here in your own log home on a private wooded hilltop setting. Time seems to slow down as you enter the driveway and leave the world behind. 2.22 acres sets you apart from your...
A REALTOR called me to today to set up a showing appointment for one of my listings. I said "Sure thing, that property if vacant, go ahead and show it!" I could sense the REALTOR didn't want to say what he was about to say. He said: "We might have a problem, as you've already showed your listing ...
For the first time in my life, I have been let go. Canned. Fired. I'll have to admit, it stings. I feel a sense of hurt. Inadequacy. For the first time in my four year real estate career, a customer with whom I had been out multiple times showing houses has decided to not work with me. I am crush...
Note: The legend of this treasure was first printed in the April 3, 1875 edition newspaper, The Minerva Commercial, Minerva, Ohio. (Historians differ on the exact time period. Some researchers suggest 1755, others suggest 1758. Down through the years the legend has grown, and new stories and theo...
At any one time, there are a few condominium units available in one of the most sought after areas, the Meyers Lake Village in Canton, Ohio.The local MLS on Saturday, April 19th shows seven active listings for condominiums for sale. Prices range from a very affordable low of $92,500 through a hig...
Meyers Lake! What does living on or near the water at Meyers Lake feel like? One often heard comment is: "...living here at the lake is just like being on vacation year around!"Thousands of local residents share that same feeling while living in Meyers Lake Village as well as the general area of ...
Stark County, Ohio: Buyer's Market? or Seller's Market? When looking at statistics for the last two quarters of 2007, average sales price decreased from the 3rd quarter to the 4th quarter. That is not too surprising, as that is what we are seeing as being true in many parts of our nation. At the ...

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