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The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage tumbled to a national average 5.17% this week, the lowest level since Freddie Mac began its weekly rate survey in 1971. With the Federal Reserve cutting its interest rates to near 0% and a continued decline in rates on the long-term Treasury notes that mortgages c...
Today I received an email from a local bank that had some of the best interest rates I have ever seen. I first bought a house in 1988 and since that time rates have never been this low. I remember the high rates from the early 80's but I was a benefactor then as I was saving money to buy that fir...
The weather has not been the greatest recently, power outages, rain, ice and sow have slowed things down a bit. Here are some of the latest photos. As you can see on the ground, icy conditions make it difficult to move machinery and people around the construction site. In the back-round you can s...
Even though there is plenty of hardship and damage to many things there is always a time to look back and say, wow that wasn't so bad. In 1998 my daughter was 3 and that was the first major ice storm I had experienced in a very long time. We lost power for seven days, so we melted snow for water,...
There seems to be quite the debate going on right now. I am reading and hearing some very bullish comments and some very pessimistic opinions on the direction of where the housing market is headed. Some statistics show some of the worst hit areas in housing prices are improving. For example home...
This is not a good thing! The delinquency rate right now is about 4.67% for the fourth quarter of 08′, this is expected to climb to 7.17% by the fourth quarter of 09′. This is a huge percentage jump and most of it is based on the loans that will be resetting to higher interest rates.  If the econ...
With the lousy weather and Thanksgiving last week there wasn't a lot of noticeable change for a Friday update. Today however there was something to see. Trusses are being set, walls are going up and concrete is still being poured as the weather has turned warmer. At least for a few days..... If y...
With all the snow we had last year late into spring, which hindered sales, this fall's weather has been a benefit. A large percentage of our local home sales are to the second home market. With the warmer weather and lack of snow we are seeing some activity with buyers. Questions are being asked ...
I like what I am seeing recently! Interest rates coming down quite steeply over the last week to 10 days. I have been complaining for months that what is needed for a recovery is for interest rates to come down. Today I saw a local bank with with a 30 year fixed rate two points, for 5.375% the no...
Does anyone out there have a need for privacy and space? My newest listing is 51 acres that is as private as you can get. Weather you want it for hunting, wildlife management or timber harvesting you won't see a parcel like this come along very often. The terrainis rolling and there are at least ...


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Keeping you updated on the Eastman, Grantham, New London, Lake Sunapee Real Estate markets.