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The largest monthly percentage drop in housing prices since the NAR has been keeping records just took place. There goes another 11.3 percent in the median price of a home. At $183,300 this level was last seen in March of 04'. The pace of existing home sales droped 3.1% for the month of October. ...
It was our first clod week of the season. Temp's were down below freezing most of the week and the lake winds made it feel even colder. However progress was still made as you can see in the photo's. There was a set back this week as a wall of concrete froze before it had a chance to set up. This ...
Here are a couple of economic indicators that pertain to New Hampshire. The Boston Federal Reserve Bank stated the unemployment rate last September was just 4.1 percent. That's by far the lowest in the New England region and well below 5.7 percent rate encompassing New England and the national ra...
Have you ever been out somewhere and needed an answer to a question? Try text messaging to ChaCha or 242242. Text your question to that number and you will get an answer in just a few moments. It can really come in handy. try it you will be amazed. Here's one from the web. Jott.com lets you call ...
We had a rainy week this week yet progress was still made on the South Cove Rebuild. As you will see in some photos there are some new walls up, a few trusses and a major change to the old Barn is taking place. The pool is starting to take shape with footings in and re-bar in place to form the wa...
Mortgage applications are up recently because interest have started to slide down. It is my firm belief that there is a huge motivational difference between between a 6% rate and 6 3/4%. If the rates go even lower it will only help everyone that is thinking of buying or refinancing. We had a very...
If you are looking at homes in areas you not that familiar with try this web site out, WalkScore.com It's a great way to locate schools, restaurants, parks etc. All you have to do is enter the street address, town and zip code. What you get back is a list of all available amenities and approximat...
This photo was taken this am 11/07/08 about 9:45 am. It is of Eastman Lake There is no snow or ice in the trees, they just look white by the way the light was hitting them. In a few week's this lake will be frozen with over three feet of ice or more during the peak of winter. I will post some add...
I can assure you that this week saw some change but it is really hard to tell by the photographs. All week long we could hear concrete trucks going by, along with 10 wheel dump trucks hauling dirt and rocks. If you look close you can see the first stage in framing on some of the foundations. This...
If you know someone that's behind in their mortgage, it doesn't mean they will be going into foreclosure. A study back in 1991 done by Boston Federal Reserve Bank members Christopher Foote, Kristopher Gerardi, and Paul Willen determined, of the more than 100,000 mortgages that were underwater onl...


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Keeping you updated on the Eastman, Grantham, New London, Lake Sunapee Real Estate markets.