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As the typical scenario goes, seller wants to sell and buyer wants to buy and submits an offer that gets accepted.  Now the clock starts ticking and buyer's agent recommends a few home inspectors, being careful not to steer the buyer to any one specific inspector.   This all sounds like business ...
I just heard another news story yesterday that once again blamed real estate investors for part of the housing market mess that we're in today.   The analysist that was being interviewed explained that if it weren't for the greedy investors buying up houses and selling or renting them out"To Make...
Lets give a round of applause to the banks, and where would we be without them! I remember the Wells Fargo commercials used to say, "We are your friend and we want to help be a part of your life."   Too bad the banks aren't like their commercial lead the public to believe.  Many of us have seen t...
For the most part, the majority of home sellers realize they need help, ask good questions and usually follow the advice of the professional Realtor that they have hired to help them with the sale. While this applies to just about all individuals selling a home, I'm directing this advice to the 8...
As most of us know, the days of a homeowner receiving multiple offers on the first day of their listing generally are all but gone in many markets.  Buyers are now seeing homes that clean, freshly painted and staged, price reductions every few weeks and just like the builders were doing in 2007, ...
A relatively new investor contacted me recently and said “I want to buy a home where I can make “quick money.”  Naturally, almost everyone wants to make fast cash, unfortunately, it isn't always as easy as some make it sound and that's the reason for outlining 5 main critical mistakes I seen inve...
Buyers that say “We are looking for a home to buy” generally fall into one of the Numbered categories and one of the Lettered categories identified below. It's our job to identify and determine intent of the buyer(s) and ensure they can and are ready to make a viable offer on a home. The 4 Primar...

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