You know when we look at what we have to offer as REALTORS in this market it is truly so much more than just finding a house or selling one.  With every transaction I find a new role to play.  Most recently I have worked with folks moving to Louisville from out of town.  I did the same thing over...
OK,   I have to admit it I LOVE open houses! It is a wonderful opportunity to gather feedback from visitors that can be compiled and give to the seller.  I provide a feedback form to all visitors and gather info as they leave. I am interested in ideas or tips you may have on holding successful op...
I love Sunday Mornings!!!  I spent the morning at the Highlands Coffee shops on Bardstown Road in Louisville.  As I sat watching folks come in, place their orders and leave I couldnt help but wonder what each of them do for a living?? Also if they are happy in what they are doing?? Life is so ver...
One of the primary reasons I signed with my current Broker was his attitude.  He seemed to love what he is doing.  He just seems happy  You know I believe that is the secret to his success.  He loves what he is doing and it shows.  Although I am new to residential real estate my goal is to have a...
It seems like in the last two weeks I have been getting so many calls from potential buyers and a couple of folks looking to list their homes.  I find it interesting that so many people talk about how bad the home market is, yet homes still continue to sell and if you drive in almost any directio...

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