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I wanted to provide you with a market update, from a couple different sources. Generally the holiday season, which some would say we are already in ( it seems to sneak up earlier every year) shows a slow down in the real estate market.  As most of my family is in the Tucson Area, I will be in tow...
There are 3 weekends left in October and a few fun things to do if you want to get out and do something! Old Tucson Studios (on the West side of town) is once again continuing to scare everyone with Nightfall- Harvest of Fear! This is their rendition of a ghost town with live acts, a haunted hous...
For a long time I did not want anything to do with listing short sales. It's too hard, we don't get paid enough, and it's too sad. Then several months ago I had a change of heart. This occurred after I kept seeing good people that didn't do anything wrong lose their home because they didn't know ...
A new program started last month that I think is pretty exciting! It is called Your Way Home AZ. The gist of this program is that if you meet certain income guidelines and can be approved for a mortgage you could get 22% in purchase assistance from the Arizona Department of Housing when buying a...
 For the past couple months two of my associates and myself have been working on getting a new website up and running. Mark Schneider found Diverse solutions after extensive research, and Hugh Rowley and myself think they do one of the best searches around. We really want to provide a service to ...
I was looking at November solds in TARMLS, and even though November is not over until tomorrow, it Sunday, I think we will be okay. There may be a couple that got closed in the last couple days and were not entered, so this is not an exact count. I did go through the Short sale and  REO solds to ...
I am thinking about doing a class for my company on Social Networking, because in our office meeting last week my manager asked how many people have Myspace or Facebook pages and I was the only one. I have always thought that the more times my name and contact info is out there the easier it will...
In the current Tucson real estate market there are an abundance of short sales and foreclosures.  The most common reasons that homeowners are going into foreclosure is that they bought the home a few years ago, and then the market went up dramatically, so during that time they refinanced their ho...
One MSNBC reporter stated "You never want to see how sausage is made, and the country saw this week, how sausage is made, with a lot of pork." In order for the house to pass the bailout/rescue package there had to be a lot of pork added to the bill. After attending the Community Roundtable on Fin...
The saying for years has been "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle". The Green movement has gone much further in the last couple years, and green tecniques that have been around for 20 or 30 years are becoming more popular. There are tips out there on how to reduce your carbon footprint for every area of your...

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