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Stop Letting Frustrating Sellers Who Demand You Run Ads In All The Publications And Get Top Price For Their Home Run Your Life!The Real Estate market in Atlanta is tough. We all know there are tons of properties for sale, with buyers having their pick of what they want. Don't be convinced that th...
That's what this business sometimes feels like, we hear an echo when we are dead and see walls up when we aren't! In fact, according to there are more sellers than buyers (imagine that). The buyers aren't qualified to get the loans and the sellers need to sell for one reason...
Have you had any luck with call capture systems?  What is a call capture system?A free 800# that is given to you with an extension that talks about the specific address and the features. If they want to speak to a real estate agent, it transfers to a real estate agent. If they want to speak to a ...
besides wannanetwork and activerain, someone sent me a link to this seems like a neat site to network and show off investment properties and talk to different markets all around the nation. I just thought i'd share. :) I hope everyone enjoys the site. I think it is going to tu...
Then contact me at Simplified Cleaning! I can get you in touch with some of the greatest cleaners in the Metro Atlanta area. Or if you need a gift certificate for your clients as a "listing incentive," I can help you out with that as well. Maybe you want to give your buyer the gift of a clean hou...
I am no longer with Countryside Mortgage & Financial Services. I am now with Georgia Lending Partners based out of Roswell, GA. I can do subprime,  FHA, VA, 203k rehab, commercial loans and nation wide loans. I am very excited about this new opportunity and if anyone needs assistance with a refin...
Our Products:100% purchase and refinance loans (full documentation)Limited Documentation purchase and refinance loans up to 95%Great Rates for Great CreditWe Still Have Subprime!Competitive Rates for Weak CreditHardworking Loan Officer/Processor at Your Buyer’s ServiceI attend all of my closings ...
I was checking in and about to update my profile, until I saw: Verify Income/EmploymentProof of Income INSTANTLY. I went to the site due to curiosity killing the cat. I was AMAZED at what I found. Activerain SUPPORTS this kind of stuff? This is like encouraging people to go to ...

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